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The Shell-shocked Army Trooper is an easter egg from Halo: Reach that can be found on the campaign level New Alexandria.[1]


The Shell-shocked Army Trooper looks like a standard NPC trooper. However, when approached, he will be cowering and pointing his pistol at his head or at the walls, yelling:

Oh, God! I didn't sign up for this! Not aliens, man! That's it, I am out! Seriously, we're fighting aliens now? Innies were bad enough, now we got freakin' aliens? Not me man. I'm out! O-U-T, out! Lemme tell you, whatever you do, don't let them bite you. I hear if one of those little ones bites you, you turn into one! Imagine it, man, we're all going to turn into little methane-sucking freaks! They're going to strap us up with tanks and have us fighting on their side! Not me, man, I'm out! They're not going to get me. No way I'm turning into no squid-faced alien freak! I bet that's what those big monkey-looking Brute things are! They're us, man! They're us, turned Covie and fighting ourselves, man! Oh, God! No way, not me. No way, no way, no way, oh, God, no, no, no, no!

The trooper then begins to alternately shiver, scream, then tries to console himself by saying, "sh, sh, okay". He is then killed by Yanme'e forces. However, he can be saved if the player kills the Drones and uses a drop shield to protect the trooper.


The trooper is killed by a Drone.
  • If he is killed, he may briefly continue saying his lines.
  • The Shell-shocked Army Trooper is a reference to the other traumatized troops from previous Halo games. Of them, he is the only one who is an Army trooper rather than a Marine. He is the second one who is traumatized by the Covenant as opposed to the Flood, the first being the Wounded Marine in Halo 3: ODST.
  • The Easter egg has two animations: one with the trooper standing, looking around wildly, and pointing his gun at the walls, and another where he is kneeling, holding the gun to his head.

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