Jens Hauch Memorial

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"In loving memory of our colleague and friend, Spartan Jens Hauch. We honor and celebrate a beautiful life whose light hasn't dimmed, but through his effort and invention shines brightly throughout this game. He will forever remain a powerful beacon of inspiration, both as an amazing game developer but above all else an incredible human being."
HINF JH peak1.png

In Halo Infinite's open world section, players may come across a tranquil mountainous peak featuring an old Forerunner structure inscribed with two glyphs. The site is located far south-southeast of Riven Gate and west of the Reformation Command Spire. The summit overlooks to the north, the Silent Auditorium and the rising band of Halo Installation 07. This area is a memorial to 343 Industries developer Jens Hauch, who served as the campaign world technical art lead for Halo Infinite and who passed away during the game's production in 2020. Deciphering the two glyphs at the structure yields his names initials J and H.