Gravity Hammers on Shutdown

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The Gravity Hammers on Shutdown is an easter egg found on the Halo 4 mission Shutdown. Exclusive to Legendary difficulty and Cooperative play, this easter egg spawns four Gravity Hammers if performed correctly.


Start up the mission Shutdown from Rally Point Bravo. Play the mission normally all the way up to when Cortana instructs John-117 to enter the orange energy field to drain his shields to create an EMP effect.

Enter the orange energy field as usual and kill every Promethean Watcher that appears. After all the Watchers have been exterminated, return to the ramp where the orange energy field was, but crouch all the way from the gondola to the ramp. When walking up the ramp, make sure to remain crouched and walk very slowly to the same spot where the orange energy field was.

The player must then stop moving and wait for 90 seconds. If done correctly, the player's screen should gain a yellowish tint and a sound effect should be heard. Eventually, the four Gravity Hammers will appear. Take a Gravity Hammer and feel free to use it later on in the level when fighting Promethean Knights or Hunters.


  • It is recommended to trigger this easter egg with more than two players to make full use of the Gravity Hammers.

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