Thirsty Grunt

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The Thirsty Grunt

The fan-named Thirsty Grunt is an easter egg featured in Halo: Combat Evolved.


In the Halo: Combat Evolved level The Maw, after the bridge where you see Foe Hammer get shot down, keep to the right side of the tunnel. You will eventually see a small tunnel in the side of the wall. Go down there and you find a tunnel to your right. You will see many Flood corpses, and one SpecOps Grunt that is still alive. He will stand there until you approach, after which he will look up and say:

Good thing that food-nipple's waiting for me at the starship 'cause, man, have I worked up a big, grunty thirst!"[1] (listen)

He will say nothing else and will continue to sit there unless you melee him, at which he reacts like a normal Unggoy. He will not attack you and will simply treat you like an ally. He is also one of the few enemies in Halo: Combat Evolved who happens to have a fully loaded Plasma Pistol.

Note that he is the only SpecOps Grunt in Halo: Combat Evolved who carries a Plasma Pistol. All others in the game carry Needlers or Fuel Rod Guns.

The Thirsty Grunt, and the Final Grunt are the only enemy Grunts that never shoot you, while the Cowardly Grunt of Halo 2 is actually an ally.


  • This Unggoy is one of the four Special Dialogue Unggoy, the other three being the Final Grunt, the Dreaming Grunt, and the Cowardly Grunt.
  • On the old page for the Grunt water bottle at the Bungie store, the description mentions a "grunty thirst."
  • If the player picks up the Grunt's Plasma Pistol and overcharges it, the green orb of energy will not appear, only the sparks do.
  • Of all four of the Special Dialogue Unggoy, this Unggoy seems to be the most highly ranked.
  • The Unggoy will only spawn if the player goes in the first entrance to the passage. If the player goes around to the second entrance he will not spawn.

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