Giant sandwich

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The giant sandwich easter egg.
The giant sandwich with the grunts surrounding it.

In Halo Infinite, in the open world, you can find a giant sandwich in a cave near where the mission Spire takes place. The sandwich has several grunts around it. It plays 8-bit versions of Halo music near the sandwich.


To find the ship, go to the large cave to the south of the mission Spire. Inside the cave there is a forerunner structure. You will find a hexagonal pillar with a gap in it. At the top of the pillar there is a hole in the cave ceiling. Grapple into it. There you will find the giant sandwich easter egg.


  • The sandwich uses the same model as several smaller sandwiches found in Halo Infinite's Multiplayer.
  • The grunts surrounding the sandwich cannot move, they are not solid, and you cannot kill or damage them.