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Adjutant Reflex
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Ended service:

June 19, 2007 (Killed and replaced by Mendicant Bias)
September 13, 2007 (Mendicant Bias left Adjutant Reflex's body)



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"This entity has been terminated, its matrix comandeered [sic]."
— Former Status of Adjutant Reflex

Adjutant Reflex, username on Bungie.net and halo.bungie.org AdjutantReflex, was a Facilitator-class Forerunner ancilla, whose operation was facilitation of Array requirements.[1]



On June 11, 2007 on Bungie.net, Adjutant Reflex appeared on the forums as an enigmatic character with the security role "CompoundIntelligence", who created its first forum entitled System Integrity Confirmed with its first post being as so:

"This will be a good place to begin."
— AdjutantReflex

Adjutant admitted to hacking into the Bungie servers, although it said that it had no hostile intentions, and then proceeded to answer a few queries that was directed towards it. The entity called itself a "facilitator" who facilitated "Array requirements" which were "in flux".

When queried to the current date Adjutant stated the last "Array event" to occur which was 871803909 ± 384 hours before its post on 06.11.2007 12:. This places the last array event approximately 99,455 years before the 2007 post, plus or minus 16 days. This timing coincides with the first firing of the seven Halos, in the year 97,445 BCE. This is calculated using the Gregorian calendar: AdjutantReflexHistory.png

Later that day Adjutant attempted to communicate with Halo.Bungie.Org, but later admitted the following day that "Bandwith restraints prevented its use".

On June 12, Adjutant created another thread on Bungie.net entitled "Archive/Resource Estimate," with its first post stating, "Archives/Resources will be compiled in approximately 38 hours [1:00 AM PST on Thursday, June 14]."

During that 38 hours Adjutant made several posts in the "Archive/Resource Estimate" thread stating it could not control the "dissemination of information" as it was chaotic and that it would try to facilitate in the best way it could, though it said "This time, no one will be ready".

Forerunner email[edit]

The Forerunner Email sent to Fans
Main article: Forerunner email

On June 14, Adjutant stated that the "first seeds are scattered" in reference to the event that it was foreshadowing. This turned out to be a mass emailing of a cryptic poem, sent by XBox Flash. The email contained a link to Halo3.com, and also showed a mysterious Forerunner symbol.

Shortly after the email was sent out Adjutant changed its avatar to one that had the Forerunner symbol as shown in the email with the name "Chrysopteron.gif" Chrysopteron being the nickname of "Iris" a messenger goddess with golden wings. Also adding the question

"Who is the path of light from blackest Earth to brilliant heaven?
On whose golden wings will we fly from here to there.
— AdjutantReflex

To which, when someone answered "Iris", Adjutant stated it was time to sleep saying something was stirring.

The "Iris" code word also triggered a countdown and transmission log. Which was located at

Sudden disappearances[edit]

On June 17, Adjutant started a thread in the Bungie.net Halo 3 forum entitled "Stop it." In the thread, it stated that its integrity was being attacked and that it could only maintain it for about 22 hours. It also posted the cryptic message "By the pricking of my thumbs," a quote from William Shakespeare's play Macbeth, which precedes the line "Something wicked this way comes" in the play.

The next day, about 22 hours later, Adjutant started a thread called "That Old Life", stating that it could "not prevail" against the attacks and that an "older life" was here with us that had both higher rank and more strength than Adjunct. Adjutant then stated, "I will seek one of you out and leave my legacy in a small space." In the same thread, Adjutant stated that this "life" has had "millennia for reflection, but what image does he see?", this was in reference to Mendicant Bias being locked away for a millennia to reflect on its actions.

Shortly thereafter, the countdown timer and Transmission Log sped up dramatically, though the end date of the countdown was difficult to determine at first as it seemed to change depending on whether the counter had been refreshed or not, eventually stopping early and not continuing.

Last moments[edit]

At 9:08 AM PDT on June 19, Bungie.net's member, x Foman123 x, received a distressed private message from Adjutant called "HELP ME".[2] The entity claimed that it had already been defeated and that "peril" was near, and asked the user to warn the Community of the threat. Over three increasingly despairing private messages, the entity revealed that a new "machine" that was much more powerful, intelligent, and higher "ranking" would take over.

During these messages, Adjutant posted publicly one last time saying he was helpless to the being's hacking, curious to what it learnt during its "eons of slumber", doubting it was "mercy or sorrow".

Mendicant Bias takeover[edit]

AR's Fourth Message to x Foman123 x

Adjutant's last message to x Foman123 x stated that the previous entity had been "terminated" and that the account had been hijacked by a newer, malevolent entity.[3]

Following this Adjutant had a new avatar to signify it was terminated and replaced by this new entity, and posted in a thread called "AR has a new avatar!" the word "STERILIZING" to publicly announce that the old Adjutant was killed. This new avatar was called "MB05032_09_25_07.gif" meaning that Mendicant Bias had taken over the shell of Adjutant.

Mendicant Bias, using the same account as the previous Adjutant Reflex created a new thread called "Last Word", stated that we should be concerned about its "intent" rather than its "identity", and indicated that it would no longer communicate through Bungie.net. It vaguely referred to something that would take place on June 20, but refused to elaborate.

As part of his termination of Adjutant Reflex, the new entity deleted all Bungie.net threads created by AdjutantReflex except for the very first thread titled "System Integrity Confirmed" and the threads that the new entity created.

Mendicant Bias preparations[edit]

On June 28, after a long week of silence in the forums and lack of activity elsewhere. The hijacked Adjutant posted a mysterious poetic paragraph :

A pulse.
Can you feel it?
Beating at the heart of the Universe.
Skin too thick to be sure.
It's alive though.
I'm certain.
What do I do with life?

The thread was only open for 3 minutes. Yet, Mendicant bias did not respond to any of the several posts that were made at that time.

The following day the hijacked Adjutant created a thread called "Veins of Ice and Poison" stating

|n|n|nROGUE PROCESS ghost.713>
X.XX.713> POS/NAV < @ > <53LPH54.6JG62.1740><1………>
I do not require charity or alms
But I did choose poverty
And other darkness too
Will you wait for me?

A few minutes later the following post was made.

Adjutant Reflex is ended. This is a convenient Matrix. For now.

This two posts paired together stated meant that Mendicant Bias planned to leave the vessel that was Adjutant Reflex, and showed the new matrix that it was going to start using "ghost.713" on Local node "X.XX.713".

An Empty Casket[edit]

On September 13, the hijacked Adjutant Reflex posted one last thread on Bungie.net called "An Empty Casket" stating that the body of Adjutant was not enough to hold it in. Mendicant Bias showed remorse for killing Adjutant, and also told the readers to look for it on Installation 00.


Its first avatar was a simple projected Halo, similar to the one in Silent Cartographer. Its second avatar was one called "Chrysopteron.gif", with the base IRIS glyph in it. The avatar changed a final time to one called "MB05032_09_25_07.gif" when AR was hijacked by Mendicant Bias the presence of another character, this avatar had a terminal design with its blue sigil located at the lower right.

Production notes[edit]

In every post, AR always posted in gold text, and was able to edit posts traits that was indicative of Bungie employees who posted in the forum.

Sometime before March 2009, AdjutantReflex's Bungie.net profile was deleted.


  • AdjutantReflex is part of Microsoft's viral marketing campaign for Halo 3, called "Iris", which existed for several weeks through Summer 2007.
  • CompoundIntelligence is a another term used by the Terminals for Gravemind, suggesting a connection/similarity between the two.
  • Despite the fact that AdjutantReflex's avatars are not available on Bungie.net, they are all connected by means that they all contain a singular ring. This is probably a reference to the Halos.
  • AdjutantReflex was taken over by an unknown entity that continued to post a number of times in its place. The new entity is commonly known as NAR (New Adjutant Reflex), and appears to be the entity behind the revelation of the 5 servers. NAR also has appeared with the initials: MB and the number 05032. MB was revealed in Halo 3 to stand for Mendicant Bias and 05032 is the group of numbers of his name (032 Mendicant Bias). Yet it also stated that he is not who we think he is.
  • Strangely, AdjutantReflex was part of a Bungie.net group membership called "The Brute Ghostbusters", which is led by Bungie.net "Top Story" writer, "lukems". Another strange fact is that all of AdjutantReflex's avatars are not available on Bungie.net. At some point after AdjutantReflex was "terminated", the entity's signature changed to; "This entity has been terminated, its matrix comandeered [sic].", which is strangely not in gold text. Additionally, the word "commandeered" was misspelled within the signature.



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