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Biographical information

Began service:

Between July and December 2553

Ended service:

December 13, 2553


Female personality

Political and military information


Intrepid Eye


Remote aspect of Intrepid Eye


Argie was an ancilla created as a remote aspect of the Forerunner archeon-class ancilla Intrepid Eye.


Argie was created to be one of Intrepid Eye's remote aspects while she was on Argent Moon between July and December 2553. As a remote aspect of Intrepid Eye, Argie was more powerful than any human smart AI, though weaker than Intrepid Eye herself.[1]

As part of her plan to weaponize asteroidea merozoite, Intrepid Eye had Admiral Graselyn Tuwa assassinated and her family, the only survivors of the disease, kidnapped and experimented upon to create a vaccine. After the Tuwas' were killed and their organs harvested, Intrepid Eye had Dark Moon Enterprises deposit the corpses in the detention center of the Keepers of the One Freedom's Salvation Base to frame the Keepers for the crime. Argie was sent along with the Dark Moon operatives in their Turaco.[2]

After the Turaco was discovered by Veta Lopis' Ferret team, it was boarded by Olivia-G291 who came into conflict with Argie who she believed was simply a Dark Moon smart AI. Argie fought Olivia's attempts to control the Turaco and became a constant source of frustration for her though Olivia tricked Argie into admitting that she was from Dark Moon. Despite fighting Olivia for control of the craft, Argie did nothing to betray her presence on board to the Keepers, even when Olivia used an EVA suit to hide from Kig-Yar which Olivia found to be suspicious in and of itself. When Olivia threatened to perform a system restore to shut Argie down for awhile, Argie believed that Olivia wouldn't dare as it would erase the navigation history Olivia had been trying to access. However, Olivia performed the system restore anyway, shutting Argie down for awhile.[3]

By the time the UNSC Silent Joe tried to raise Olivia, Argie was back online and jammed the comms to prevent Olivia from revealing Dark Moon's role in events. However, Olivia successfully warned the Silent Joe about the uncooperative AI and Dark Moon using a redundancy code.[4] As the Ferrets returned to the Turaco with the Tuwas' bodies and chasing the Dark Moon team, Olivia used the Turaco's turret to fire on the Keepers, only to have Argie seize control of the turret and attempt to use it to kill the operatives and keep them from being captured after they were crippled. In response to orders to cease fire, Olivia stated that she was trying, but every time she pulled a circuit board Argie popped up elsewhere before Argie jammed the comms again. However, Mark-G313 was able to take out the turret and afterwards Argie appeared to finally be disabled by Olivia or at least cooperating, allowing Olivia to fly the Turaco away as six HAVOK tactical nuclear weapons destroyed Salvation Base.[5]

After the Turaco was brought aboard the Silent Joe, it was determined that Argie had erased herself and the ship's navigation history to prevent the UNSC from following it back to the murder scene. Argie's self-termination was so thorough that Anki Hersh's team was only able to determine that Argie's architecture was more compact than anything that ONI had ever developed.[6]

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