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Dark Moon Enterprises
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Private security corporation


Intrepid Eye

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Intrepid Eye

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September 2553


Prior to June 2557


"They've only been in business a month, and already they know enough about Gamma Company to give ONI a public-relations nightmare. That means they're either as good as ONI - or a whole lot more agile. Whichever it is, I wouldn't bet against Dark Moon when this thing turns ugly."
Veta Lopis discussing Dark Moon.

Dark Moon Enterprises is a human private comprehensive security corporation that provides force-enhancement services throughout the human colonies.[1] It was covertly founded and run by the Forerunner archeon-class ancilla Intrepid Eye and her remote aspects as part of Intrepid Eye's plot to prepare humanity for the Mantle and along with humans, employs Jiralhanae and Kig-Yar at the very least.[2]


In September 2553, Dark Moon seemed to appear from nowhere with a list of prestigious clients and began hiring former UNSC personnel to provide security services in a broad spectrum of hostile environments. Within two weeks of its appearance, Dark Moon had grown so fast that they began hiring active-duty UNSC personnel; because of this the UNSC put them on the No Contact, No Access list. After this, Dark Moon began offering clients a menu of privatized intelligence and threat-management services and began to recruit both former and current ONI agents to fulfill its contracts. Even a month after its appearance ONI still had very little information on Dark Moon, not even knowing who its founder or company executives were.[1] In reality, Dark Moon was founded by the archeon-class ancilla Intrepid Eye and her remote aspects and was one of Intrepid Eye's resources for her plan to prepare humanity for the Mantle.[2]

In early October 2553, Dark Moon recruited Naval commander Ota Gallo, who began feeding information on the SPARTAN-III program to investigative journalist Spencer Hume in order to hurt ONI. It was believed that if the public discovered the nature of Gamma Company and ONI's cover-up regarding them, ONI would be crippled, leaving a power vacuum for Dark Moon to fill. On October 14, both Gallo and Hume were attempting to gather more intelligence on the Spartan-IIIs, targeting Olivia-G291 at the UNSC Recreational Facility 6055-NA-A where Olivia and her Ferret Team were participating in a training exercise. However, Olivia was rescued by her team while Hume was killed by Mark-G313 when he resisted capture. The Ferrets, led by Veta Lopis, discovered Dark Moon's involvement by uncovering Gallo's identity and her connection to Dark Moon. To keep Gallo from escaping with information on the Spartan-IIIs, Veta and her team lured Gallo to their hotel suite with Hume's COM pad. Gallo attacked with two men but all three were killed.[1]

In December 2553, while on the Keepers of the One Freedom's Salvation Base, Olivia discovered that a Turaco at the base belonged to Dark Moon from files on the ship though the ship's AI, in reality one of Intrepid Eye's remote aspects Argie, tried to deny it and then prevent Olivia from revealing that fact. The Dark Moon operatives were discovered to have dumped the bodies of Admiral Graselyn Tuwa's family in the base's detention center in an attempt to frame the Keepers for the assassination of the admiral and the kidnapping of her family. The Ferrets attempted to stop the operatives from escaping, causing Argie to attempt to eliminate them with the Turaco's turret before being stopped by Mark-G313, causing Argie to erase herself and the Turaco's navigation history. The two surviving operatives were captured by Castor as the Ferrets and Blue Team escaped in the Turaco just before Salvation Base was destroyed by six HAVOK tactical nuclear weapons.

With the recovery of the bodies, it was realized that Dark Moon was responsible for the assassinations and used what forensic evidence on the admiral's ship showed to be humans, Jiralhanae and some Kig-Yar to frame the Keepers. It was quickly realized that the Tuwa family were targeted for their immunity to asteroidea merozoite and that their organs had been used to culture cells containing asteroidea antibodies before being removed and stored in cryo-jars in order to create a bioweapon. Forensic evidence from the bodies led the Ferrets, Blue Team and the Sahara-class prowler UNSC Silent Joe to a lab on Gao that was recently destroyed by Castor after torturing the captured Dark Moon operatives to death to learn where they had come from. Veta confronted President Arlo Casille who admitted to having made a deal with Dark Moon who promised to have the UNSC deal with his Keeper problem in exchange for use of the lab. Though Casille had known about Dark Moon holding the Tuwas there, he had sanctioned it rather than admit it and face a potential invasion. Dark Moon had kept their deal by moving the bodies to Salvation Base and drawing the UNSC's ire upon the Keepers, but in the process, attempted to pin the crime on both the Keepers and Gao. With the cryo-jars having already been removed, Casille pointed the Spartans towards Pinnacle Station above Meridian whose AI Administrator Sloan had recommended Dark Moon to him.

At the same time, Intrepid Eye learned about the exposure of Dark Moon's operations and decided to sever all ties that could connect her to it. Intrepid Eye had the Dark Moon couriers take the cryo-jars to a hidden berth the company had paid for on Pinnacle Station in a Liang-Dortmund Corporation transport and sent Papa-10 and Lieutenant Bartalan Craddog to retrieve the cryo-jars and eliminate the couriers. Though they succeeded in killing the Dark Moon couriers, Papa-10 was attacked by surviving Keeper forces led by Castor, forcing the survivors of the unit to Meridian's surface. When the Ferrets and Blue Team arrived, Administrator Sloan assumed them to be connected to Papa-10 and directed them to the mine the unit had fled to. The Spartans were able to eliminate both the Keepers, minus Castor and Papa-10 and Craddog as well as destroy the cryo-jars and Intrepid Eye's remote aspect Oriel, foiling the bioweapon plot. However, Intrepid Eye was able to avoid discovery as the true mastermind and Craddog received all of the blame.[2]

Dark Moon Enterprises was shut down by June 2557 as ONI had discovered Intrepid Eye's escape from containment and learned from their mistakes as they prepared to try to capture 343 Guilty Spark.[3] After discovering her network, ONI released millions of dumb AI hunter-killer teams that ultimately overwhelmed even Intrepid Eye's prodigious capabilities and destroyed both her network and her remote aspects, leaving the ancilla trapped once more aboard Argent Moon.[4] She was eventually destroyed for good by the Ferrets and the UNSC Spirit of Fire in October 2559.[5]

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