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Operational history[edit]

Operation: RETRIBUTION[edit]

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On December 13, 2553, Papa-10 were placed under the command of ONI scientist Bartalan Craddog.[1] Unknown to them, Craddog was being blackmailed and coerced by the Forerunner ancilla Intrepid Eye, who was feigning incarceration on the ONI research station Argent Moon. Under the watch of Oriel, a fragment of Intrepid Eye, Papa-10 were sent to Meridian to recover cryogenic jars containing the organs of Kerbasi, Catalin, and Yuso Tuwa. They were ignorant to the fact that the organs contained the secret of immunity to asteroidea merozoite.

On Pinnacle Station, Meridian, Craddog ambushed the Keepers of the One Freedom, who were pursuing the cryo jars on their own. Using a rocket launcher, Craddog managed to kill several Keepers. Despite this, Castor, the Keepers' leader, was able to enter a shuttle to pursue Papa-10, who had secured the cryo jars on a shuttle of their own. To facilitate Administrator Sloan's cooperation, Oriel made a deal with him to invest in Pinnacle Station. After the arrival of Veta Lopis' Ferret team and Blue Team, however, the Administrator still informed them that Papa-10's and the Keepers' shuttles would land outside the Jenny Lynn Tantaline Mine on the moon's surface.[2]

Papa-10 landed on Meridian and entered the mine, pursued by Castor and later Lopis' Ferrets and Blue Team. Refusing to acknowledge the new arrivals as friendlies, the survivors of Papa-10 utilized a load-haul-unload vehicle and attempted to flee the scene, running over Frederic-104. Despite their effort, both Castor and Veta Lopis managed to board the vehicle. While Castor engaged Papa-10, Lopis stealthily placed explosives into the cryo jars and pushed the Jiralhanae off the vehicle. Papa-10 arrived at their rendezvous point with Craddog and prepared to eliminate Lopis, but the investigator detonated the explosives, destroying the cryo jars and killing Craddog and the rest of Papa-10, as well as destroying Oriel.[3]

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