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January 17, 2525





Eye color:

Ruby red[1]

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"This is my ship, and I will do with it what I wish."
— Chur'R Yar[2]

Chur'R-Yar was the Kig-Yar Shipmistress of the Covenant missionary vessel Minor Transgression in 2525.


Chur'R-Yar was pivotally involved in the Covenant's first contact with humanity. Commanding her ship on the very fringes of Covenant territory, she ordered the raid of two human freighters in the Epsilon Indi system with the aid of the Deacon Dadab, before locating a planet with supposed Forerunner relics. She intended to steal a number of these relics for herself before she could report it to the Covenant, betraying the Deacon as well, evidently because she wanted her ship to be out of commission for the whole Kig-Yar mating season. She had chosen the Kig-Yar Zhar as her mate, based around his physical traits and long, angular spikes that no other male had.[3]

However, before she could enact her plan, she was shot by Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson after the Minor Transgression boarded a third freighter, bait for a trap laid by the UNSC. Before dying, she detonated her own ship in an unsuccessful, suicidal attempt to kill her attacker.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Chur'R-Yar's ancestors were pirates, sailing the oceans of the Kig-Yar homeworld Eayn, battling rival clans and claiming slaves and territory. In this regard, she hoped to mimic them, with space serving as the new "ocean".[4] Like the other three Kig-Yar aboard the ship, she disrespected Dadab and was often annoyed by his presence.[5] She also hoped to retire with the profit from the stolen relics and raise a family of young Kig-Yar. She was killed before she could reach her aspirations.[2] However, she proved to be very determined, fighting until the last and nearly taking down Avery Johnson with her.


Chur'R-Yar was the first female Covenant character mentioned in the Halo universe.

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