Epsilon Indi system

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Epsilon Indi system
Location overview

Distance from Sol:

11.83 light-years[1]

Stellar overview

Orbiting planets:

1 asteroid belt[2]


At least 5 bodies

Societal overview


Unified Earth Government


The Epsilon Indi system, designated UC-901-9081 by the Forerunners,[3] is a planetary system that consists of the star Epsilon Indi and five planets in close orbit,[4] One of these planets, Harvest, was habitable prior to its destruction by the Covenant in 2525.[5] The system exists on the frontier of UEG space, largely due to the topology of local slipspace;[3] it is located weeks from the nearest human colony, Madrigal, and slightly more than two months from Reach.


Epsilon Indi was part of the Forerunner ecumene prior to the activation of the Halo Array; the Forerunners built an unknown number of structures on Harvest.[3][6] The system was colonized by the Unified Earth Government in 2468. The fact that Harvest was habitable without any terraforming necessary was enough to elicit a colonization effort to a such faraway world. At eleven light-years from Earth, Epsilon Indi is not the most linearly distant star system in human territory; however, a combination of propaganda and the vagaries of slipspace travel led to it being declared the farthest-flung system in UEG space.[3] A population of 3,000,000 citizens was ultimately established on Harvest and an orbital platform was built for exporting and importing goods.

In 2525, the Covenant discovered the system. It was humanity's first contact with the Covenant and after a violent first contact, the Covenant glassed most of the surface. In 2526, the Second Battle of Harvest took place in the system and the UNSC took it back from the Covenant.

The Covenant attacked again later in the same year and were not driven off from the system by UNSC forces until 2531.


The real Epsilon Indi is regarded as a prime candidate for human colonization.

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