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The UNSC Spirit of Fire played a pivotal role in the events of early 2531.

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26th century

Years in the 2530s

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2531 was a year in the 2530s in the 26th century.



January 3

January 30



February 4

February 6

  • Anders writes her father a message detailing her mission to Harvest and the result of her discoveries on the planet, and encodes it as a detailed analysis of Homer's Odyssey. ONI censors miss the cipher completely and the message passes unaltered to her father.

February 7

  • Spirit of Fire holds service for the crew of the UNSC Prophecy. The crew roster is read despite objections from ONI personnel.

February 9

February 10

February 11

  • During the Slipspace voyage, Sergeant Forge confronts Jerome-092 over his recommendation to destroy the Covenant ship carrying Professor Anders. The altercation results in a broken chair, a seal malfunction on a bulkhead door, and a stern interruption by Serina.[7][Note 1]

February 14

  • Serina, knowing that the crew may be on a one way trip, manufactures and delivers fake emails from family members to the crew celebrating Valentine's Day. She uses previous correspondence as a basis for the letters.

February 23

February 25

February 26

  • The Spirit of Fire crew burn Flood-infected bodies to prevent the virus from spreading in the ship. Chief Medical Officer O'Neil also decides to cancel any study of the Flood.[8]


March 1

  • Chief Engineer Andrew Prescott finishes his assessment of damage to Spirit of Fire and repairs continue to the hull. The FTL core reactor cannot be replaced and plans to manufacture a spare from base reactor units are deemed unworkable. The decision is made to run the ship on a skeleton crew and place the rest in suspended animation.[8]

March 3

  • Captain Cutter files a report in his log, wondering what Anders experienced as a prisoner of the Covenant.[8]

March 4

  • Anders analyzes the events in the shield world and concludes that the beings who built it knew humans.[8]

March 11

  • Anders is put into cryosleep by Captain Cutter.[8]

March 12

  • Captain Cutter writes five commendations, fourteen family condolence letters, and a note to his wife.[8]


April 9


May 1

May 24

May 25

  • UNSC News Programming was due to play on the UNSC Spirit of Fire.[11]

May 26


July 12


October 24


November 7


December 14

  • After being extracted by Colonel James Ackerson, Kurt-051 is briefed on the SPARTAN-III project and given leadership over its implementation, as well as a new identity as "Kurt Ambrose".[16]

December 19



  1. ^ The in-game timeline states that Douglas-042 made the suggestion to destroy 'Moramee's vessel, that he fought Sergeant Forge over the suggestion, and that the two later bonded over meals. However, Red Team's leader, Jerome-092, clearly makes the suggestion in the game proper. Jerome is also the only Spartan seen to interact directly with Forge during the campaign. More importantly, Forge later takes Jerome's place in the suicidal attempt to destroy the shield world's star, suggesting the camaraderie said to have developed between Forge and the Spartan in question.