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Helena Roman
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February 4, 2531

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UNSC Marine Corps


Tank commander


Helena Roman was a Marine Tank Commander attached to the UNSC Spirit of Fire. She participated in the Second Battle of Harvest in 2531, and was killed during an engagement against the Covenant in Harvest's northern polar region, courtesy of a Banshee squadron.[1]

Message informing of death[edit]

Dr. Roman,

It is with great sorrow that I must inform you that your daughter, Helena Roman, died in an engagement against the Covenant. While I can't go into detail regarding her death, be assured that your daughter was a rare soldier. As tank commander she gained the respect of not only the men serving under her but myself as well. She pitched in, made a difference, and you should be proud of your daughter's sacrifice. She will be dearly missed.


Captain Cutter[1]

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