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An American astronaut on Luna.[1]

Extra-vehicular activity, often abbreviated simply to EVA, is the term applied to external operations by specialist personnel in a vacuum environment outside of a spaceship.


Human operation[edit]

An illustration of Infinity and its fleet.
A UNSC specialist performing an EVA.

Pressurized suits are a necessity during EVA operations due to the vacuum of space. In addition, thruster packs are needed for maneuvering when not tethered to a spacecraft. Combat EVAs pose a significantly greater risk to those performing it, due to the chance of suit decompression in the vacuum if hit by bullets, shrapnel, etc. Civilian welders and technicians perform EVAs in order to repair ships, such as that performed upon the UNSC Gettysburg in the Eridanus system.[2] The UNSC also employs specialized EVA-equipped engineers on their warships such as the UNSC Spirit of Fire to perform repairs and maintenance work on the outer hull. Specialized zero-G vehicles are also used to perform EVA, such as the Open Frame 92/Extra-Vehicular Activity.[3]

The pilot variant of the UNSC Marine Corps Battle Dress Uniform was generally equipped with extra-vehicular activity integration for any exoatmospheric operations.[4] The Summa Deep Space Incident sparked multiple projects related to research of EVA equipment, including the MJOLNIR EVA variant, designed for better extra-vehicular activity performance.[5]

SPARTAN-II Blue Team has performed several notable combat EVAs: At the Battle of Chi Ceti in 2525, they inserted into a Covenant warship, planted a missile warhead and were extracted by a D77-TC Pelican;[6] At the Fall of Reach, in 2552, they performed another EVA in order to purge a ship's NAV database on an orbital station in accordance with the Cole Protocol.[7] John-117 of Blue Team performed an EVA mission aboard the Ascendant Justice while in an anomalous slipspace dimension,[8] the first known slipspace EVA and another at Earth, clearing hostiles off the outside of the Cairo orbital defense platform and removing and re-purposing a Covenant antimatter bomb.[9]

By 2554, extensive EVA training was common for all Spartans.[10]

Covenant operation[edit]

The Covenant also perform extra-vehicular activity. Sangheili Rangers use specialized vacuum-sealed armor to protect themselves from the effects of a vacuum environment, in order to plant antimatter charges and support boarding parties.[7][9] Kig-Yar Rangers in vacuum suits were also used, though their suits were more easily damaged than a Sangheili suit as they were built for external maintenance and lacked personal energy shielding.[11][12] Sangheili, Kig-Yar, and Unggoy Rangers were employed by Jul 'Mdama's reformed Covenant faction for extra-vehicular activity purposes.[13]


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