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The Battle of Draetheus V

26th century

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2554 was a year in the 2550s in the 26th century.



January 3


March 29


Unknown date

April 15

April 22


August 10

August 18

  • After 8.3 days, all contact with the RCTs is severed, after being attacked by the installation's fauna and constructs.[5] Only RCT-06 returns to the prowler, having suffered extensive casualties. However, they bring the source of the signal aboard: the remains of the monitor 343 Guilty Spark.[4]
  • After properly calibrating their AI translator, the human team began to interrogate Spark, hoping to gain insight into the ancient human-Forerunner relations and the Didact.[6] Spark, acknowledging the humans as "the true Reclaimers"[7] proceeds to describe the events that led to his former human self becoming a monitor.

August 21

  • After Spark finishes his story, his robotic shell powers down and is jettisoned into space by order of the ONI team commander. Having successfully uploaded his data stream into the ship's computers, however, Spark disables Rubicon's AI and takes full control of the vessel. Having come to the conclusion that the Librarian is alive as a result of long study, and that he has need for the ship and its crew, Spark puts them to sleep and sets course to where he believes the Lifeshaper could be found.[8][9]
  • Bobby Kodiak, the only survivor of the RCT Broadside, is "saved" and converted into a cyborg by 000 Tragic Solitude after surrendering himself to the AI.[5]


November 21


December 15

Unknown date[edit]

  • Some time after the battle, Vol's Covenant return when a looping Forerunner code begins emanating from X50.[16] After arriving at the source of the signal, Spartan Palmer discovers that the source is the remains of Spartan Edward Davis.[17]
  • The Concord incident takes place, involving the use of outer-plated Mjolnir armor legs by Spartan-IVs.[19]
  • A recolonization support fleet of the UEG arrives to Alluvion, discovering a strange anomaly under the planet's Sundark Sea; Forerunner shield pylons, which emerged and forced back massive walls of water revealing the seafloor.[20]
  • The F-41E Broadsword enters service with the UNSC, featuring several improvements over the original F-41 Broadsword.[24]