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New Carthage

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New Carthage
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Length of day:

28 hours[1]



Human (Non-native)


Likely prior to 2474[2]


Unified Earth Government


New Carthage, known as Kaphus to the Forerunners,[3] is a human colony planet of the Unified Earth Government, located among the Inner Colonies.[4]


Topography and ecology[edit]

New Carthage is home to vast blue oceans that hide many dangerous species, such as the great red shark.[5][2] Its landmasses are covered in weathered shale mountains, high alpine plains, and semi-arid grasslands and deserts.[2]


Known residents[edit]


The Hannibal family[edit]

In 2474, the Hannibal family acquired thirty acres of land in the Pori region of New Carthage. This tract of land would eventually become the city of Pilvros, named after Jack Pilvros Hannibal. By 2505, the family had constructed a building over the site of an abnormally large shard of variegated rock—called Pori Meteor—and a buried Forerunner structure. Later known as Hannibal HQ, it is likely that this location was selected purposefully by the Hannibal family after the discovery of the subterranean alien facility. Within the next six years, Jack Hannibal had produced the first small-scale quantum photonic amplifier for SATCOM relays, revolutionizing the speed and integrity of extraplanet communication. This success would kickstart Hannibal Weapon Systems, a manufacturer that would eventually hold a substantial amount of control over the entire colony.[2]

New Carthage survived the Human-Covenant War unscathed.[2]


Mark of Prophecy and Divine Breath engaging the UNSC Sagan Blue over New Carthage.

In 2554, two DAS-class storm cutters, Mark of Prophecy and Divine Breath, were being used by Kig-Yar engaged in smuggling and piracy near New Carthage. The two ships had a deadly encounter with the Gladius-class corvette UNSC Sagan Blue.[8] At some point a thermal reactor located underneath the city of Pilvros was failing, and as a result the city was evacuated.[9]

During the rise of the Created in October 2558, one of Cortana's Guardians emerged near Pilvros, causing a crater that swallowed part of an Office of Naval Intelligence facility. At least two prowlers attempted to fight back against the construct but were quickly knocked out of the sky by its electromagnetic pulse.[10] The planet was likely subjugated by the Created following this event.

Government and society[edit]


New Carthage has a network of orbital defense platforms.[11][7]


Hannibal Weapon Systems is a prominent defense contractor on the planet. Their biggest work appears to be in MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. They developed the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Infiltrator, which was tested on the orbital defense platforms above New Carthage.[11] The Hannibal Weapon Systems facility also developed multiple MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor variants at Kotka, Pori on New Carthage.[12][13]


New Carthage is host to the New Carthage Sprint Series, a competitive motorsport event that features the colony's deadly wildlife, rugged terrain, heavy weapons, and talented driving skill.[14]


The planet is named after the ancient city of Carthage. Hannibal Weapon Systems is named in reference to Hannibal, an infamous Carthaginian general who is considered to be one of the greatest military leaders in history.

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