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An overhead Maglev train in Pilvros, on the map Perdition.


Pori region, New Carthage[1]


Pilvros is a city located on the human Inner Colony of New Carthage. Sometime after 2474, the city was founded by the Hannibal family and would host the corporate headquarters of Hannibal Weapon Systems.[1]


Pilvros has an extensive MagLev train system running throughout much of the city.[2][3]




In 2474, the Hannibal family claimed thirty acres of land in New Carthage's Pori region. This land would eventually become Pilvros, which was named after Jack Pilvros Hannibal. By 2505, the family had constructed a building over the site of a large shard of variegated rock, called Pori Meteor, and a Forerunner way station buried three kilometers beneath it. The structure built over the meteor became known as Hannibal HQ and it is likely that this location was selected purposefully by the Hannibal family after the discovery of the subterranean facility. Within the next six years, Jack Hannibal produced the first small-scale quantum photonic amplifier for SATCOM relays, which represented a great advancement in the speed and integrity of extraplanet communication. Hannibal's success would motivate him to found Hannibal Weapon Systems, a manufacturer that would eventually hold a substantial amount of control over the entire colony, especially in Pilvros.[1]


At some point, a thermal reactor located at the Pilvros Municipal Support Facility was failing. The facility attempted to flood the reactor and save it but that failed, and as a result the city was evacuated.[4][2] Before the reactor went critical, a team was dispatched to the site to retrieve full environment scans of the facility for study in hopes of preventing similar accidents in the future. These scans were later used to produce a simulated environment for War Games exercises aboard UNSC Infinity.[3]

In 2558, the Pilvros Reclamation Facility's overseer AI, Dillan, defected and joined Cortana's Created.[5] During the rise of the Created in October of that year, a Guardian emerged near Pilvros, causing a crater that swallowed part of an Office of Naval Intelligence facility. At least two prowlers attempted to fight back but were quickly knocked out of the sky by its electromagnetic pulse.[6] The entire planet, including Pilvros, was likely subjugated by the Created after this attack.


The Halo 4 multiplayer map Perdition takes place in Pilvros.


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