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Project Rebirth was a Unified Earth Government project to rebuild locations damaged by the Covenant after the Human-Covenant War.[1][2]

Known Locations[edit]

The following is a list of locations that was covered under the project.



A document was created to plan the rebuilding of New Mombasa following the destructive battle that engulfed the city. The document was titled "Project Rebirth (the Rebuilding and Revitalization of New Mombasa in the Post War World)".[1]

After the declassification of ONI and UNSC documents, which revealed the death of John-117, the mayor of New Mombasa made an amendment to the document. The amendment included the addition of a statue of the fallen Spartan, to the center of the planned UNSC Memorial Park. The statue was to be made out of metal from two crashed D77-TC Pelicans from the Battle of Tsavo and gold ore from various East African Protectorate states.[1]


During the battle of Earth, the platform-city of Aranuka was attacked. The Space elevator it hosted was not destroyed but much of the city was. Thus the UEG began to rebuild it. The construction had been finished before the September of 2558. Despite the make over, not many people had moved back.[2]



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