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The East African Protectorate is an African union.[1] It is most likely a union of nations much like the African Union or the United Nations in the 21st century. It makes up a large part of East Africa, including, but not limited to the nations of Kenya and Tanzania. Not much has been explained about the East African Protectorate other than because of the Mombasa Tether in its city of New Mombasa, it is a powerful entity with great wealth.


Sometime in the 25th century, the East African Protectorate tried a number of high capital projects like Wind Power Station 7 based on Zanzibar Island in an attempt of re-nationalization.[2] The Global Water Campaign also had major facilities in the EAP; namely, the GWC Trans-African Pipelines which were created in the 24th century to distribute melt water from Mount Kilimanjaro across the African continent.[3]

During the final months of the Human-Covenant War in 2552, the East African Protectorate became the site to key battles which determined the outcome of the war, including the Battle of Mombasa and the Battle of Voi. Over the course of the Battle of Earth, the Covenant concentrated most of their forces in East Africa as they excavated long-buried Forerunner Portal structure, invading and occupying a large portion of the surrounding area in the process.

Following the end of the war, the member states of the EAP donated gold ore for a statue of John-117 to be placed in the United Nations Space Command Memorial Park in New Mombasa as part of Project Rebirth.[4]



  • The East Africa Protectorate (colloquially known as British East Africa) was a territory of the British Empire between 1895 and 1920. Its borders correspond to 21st century Kenya.
  • There is a real-world proposal to merge Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi into a single federated state called the East African Federation.


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