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Gold (pronounced /ˈɡoʊld/) is a a highly sought-after metal.


Due to its preciousness to humans, in 2552, a group of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers on New Jerusalem plotted to steal a large amount of gold bullion from a bank in Covenant-occupied Mount Haven. However, their plan was scuttled when they discovered a class of schoolchildren and their teacher hiding in the vault. An argument erupted amongst the Marines over whether or not the children should be allowed to live. The would-be thieves turned on one another and several were killed in a point-blank shootout. The children fled while one of the remaining Marines took the gold, several Forerunner relics, and a nuclear device. They then lured in the advancing Covenant and the traitorous Marines, and detonated the nuke, destroying it all.[1]

Gold ore donated by the member nations of the East African Protectorate was to be used to erect a statue of John-117 in the United Nations Space Command Memorial Park in New Mombasa in commemoration of the Spartan's actions during the Battle of Mombasa.[2]

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