New Jerusalem

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New Jerusalem


Cygnus system[1]

Orbital position:

Third planet[1]





Unified Earth Government[1]


New Jerusalem, formally designated as Cygnus III, was the third planet in the Cygnus system and a human Outer Colony.[1] A major world of the Unified Earth Government,[2] New Jerusalem was one of the two human colonies in the Cygnus system,[3] the other being Cygnus. The planet's capital city is also named New Jerusalem.[1]


An Outer Colony with citizens that were united by shared creed and ethnicity, neither New Jerusalem nor Cygnus saw conflict resulting from the Insurrection.[4] Around 2524, refugees fleeing from the ongoing civil conflict on Eridanus II sought asylum on New Jerusalem.[5]

Towards the end of the Human-Covenant War, the colony was discovered and attacked by the Covenant before or during July or August 2552.[6] New Jerusalem was defended by the UNSC Army and the 26th Marine Expeditionary Force, who suffered "near annihilation" in the resulting Battle of New Jerusalem. The Rookie was part of the 26th MEF and fought in the battle.[7]


New Jerusalem is named after the city of Jerusalem in Israel and Palestinian territories, located on Earth in the Middle East.

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