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A glimpse of High Charity as seeon on January 18 through CFHT-Mars.

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26th century

Years in the 2520s

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2524 was a year in the 2520s in the 26th century.



January 2

January 3

January 18


February 28


May 22


June 12

Mid June

June 16


August 7

August 10

  • Avery Johnson arrives in Chicago, URNA, after the botched operation on Tribute. He goes to visit his aunt Marcille, only to find that she had passed away three days ago. In grief, he goes on a drinking spree.[16]

August 13

August 22

  • Catherine Halsey records in her Journal that she was furious that Spartan-II candidates were rerouted during a training exercise due to interested parties. Halsey then requested that next-generation AI matrix strata be pushed forward so new intrusion and counter-intrusion software can be developed to watch her back, and aid the Spartans.[17]


September 3

September 3

  • Horn of Plentys navigation box is retrieved by Covenant forces and its contents are analysed by the Huragok Lighter Than Some. Lighter Than Some finds the vessel's point of origin. The Covenant ship, Minor Transgression, heads off to obtain more spoils.[19]

Around September 18

September 18


November 17


December 21


  • Office of the High Prophet of Restraint issues an Edict, following an incident with the Kig-Yar ship Pitiless, that teams of Unggoy and Sangheili are to search all Kig-Yar vessels for evidence of "Unclean Beings".[25]

Circa 2524[edit]

These are events that are based around this year, and may not fall on this year specifically.
Around a year prior to the start of the Human-Covenant War


  1. ^ The journal entry is dated November 17, 2524, and Halsey writes as though the events occurred recently. However, Miranda Keyes was born February 28, 2525, which would place the date of their rendezvous in late May or early June 2524. Although Halsey often went months and even years without writing in her journal, there is another entry in August which makes no mention of the incident or her pregnancy. It is therefore possible that the date of the journal entry is anachronistic, and should be dated five months earlier.


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