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26th century

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2524 was a year in the 2520s in the 26th century.



  • Since the beginning of Operation: TREBUCHET a decade ago, over a million civilians have been killed. Most of them are collateral damage due to UNSC overreaction, which furthers civilian support to the rebels to some extent.[1]






  • August 7: Marcille Johnson passes away.[8]
  • August 10: Johnson arrives in Chicago, URNA, after the botched operation on Tribute. He goes to visit his aunt Marcille, only to find that she had passed away three days ago.[8] In grief, he goes on a drinking spree. Eventually, he is found by Lieutenant Downs.[9]
  • August 13: Johnson is transferred to Harvest to train the local militia.




  • December 21: The UNSC Two for Flinching, carrying Staff Sergeant Johnson and many others, arrives in the Epsilon Indi system.[13] Simultaneously, ONI operative Jilan al-Cygni is briefed by the AIs Sif and Mack.[14]
  • Late December: The Prophet of Restraint impregnates a female San'Shyuum, despite his defective genes making it illegal for him to reproduce. With the mother refusing an abortion, a scandal starts brewing over the issue.[15]
    • Minor Transgression's crew launches a raid on the freighter This End Up, killing its captain, Henry Gibson. A while later, Sif reports the attack to al-Cygni, both realizing that it was the only ship in the area with a human crew.[16]


  • UNSC forces quell a colonial rebellion on Persia IX.[17]
  • Office of the High Prophet of Restraint issues an Edict, following an incident with the Kig-Yar ship Pitiless, that teams of Unggoy and Sangheili are to search all Kig-Yar vessels for evidence of "Unclean Beings".[18]


  1. ^ The journal entry is dated November 17, 2524, and Halsey writes as though the events occurred recently. However, Miranda Keyes was born February 28, 2525, which would place the date of their rendezvous in late May or early June 2524. Although Halsey often went months and even years without writing in her journal, there is another entry in August which makes no mention of the incident or her pregnancy. It is therefore possible that the date of the journal entry is anachronistic, and should be dated five months earlier.


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