Greater Chicago Industrial Zone

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Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
A section of the Zone.


United Republic of North America[1]


More than 6-7 million[Note 1]

Governed by:



The Greater Chicago Industrial Zone,[2][3] alternatively "the Zone"[2] or Chicago,[4][5] is a human city in the United Republic of North America on Earth. It is located on the shore of Lake Michigan.[6]

The city was the third most populous in the URNA[7] and is considered a major city of Earth.[8]



Formerly a city of the United States of America, the Zone is now a vast urban sprawl covering large parts of what used to be the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.[2] The Great Lakes Spaceport is located near the city.[2] A UNSC recruiting center existed on the city's older near-north side.[6]


Known residents[edit]


By 2542, Chicago was the third most populated city of the United Republic of North America on Earth, after New York City and Los Angeles.[7]

In 2524, Avery Johnson returned to his home of Chicago while on leave.[6]

At some point after 2553, an Outpost Discovery was setup in Chicago.[5]

Government and society[edit]

Chicago had its own child services, the Zone Protective Services[9] The city maintained a Maglev train system. It ran along the same elevated system that older trains used to run on.[10] The Zone also had a police force that drove white and blue sedans.[6]


It was home to an AMG Transport Dynamics facility.[4] Acheron Security also had a facility for testing the Tactical Autonomous Robotic Defense System.[11]


Many residents of the city considered themselves American, despite the city not formally being part of the United States.[6]

Architecture and urban design[edit]

The city had gray-stone apartments and sidewalks lined with Maple trees.[6]

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  1. ^ The fourth most populous city in the URNA, New Phoenix, had around 6-7 million residents prior to the New Phoenix Incident, and Chicago was the third most populous city, even then.


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