Greater Chicago Industrial Zone

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Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
A section of the Zone.


United Republic of North America


More than 6-7 million[note 1]

Notable structure(s):

Third most populous city in the URNA[1]

Governed by:



Chicago, also known as the Greater Chicago Industrial Zone or simply "the Zone", is a human metroplex in the country of the United Republic of North America on Earth. It is located on the shore of Lake Michigan. Formerly a city of the United States of America, the Zone is now a vast urban sprawl covering large parts of what used to be the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.[2]

The Great Lakes Spaceport is located nearby. By 2558, Chicago was the third most populated city of the United Republic of North America on Earth, after New York City and Los Angeles.[3]

While physically located in the URNA, the Zone is a de-facto independent city-state.

The Zone was the hometown of Avery Johnson and ODST Ava Lang. It was home to an AMG Transport Dynamics facility.[4]


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  1. ^ The fourth most populous city in the URNA, New Phoenix, had around 6-7 million residents prior to the New Phoenix Incident, and Chicago was the third most populous city, even then.