The Seropian

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For the former president of Bungie with the same name, see Alexander Seropian

The Seropian was a "center for active retirement" in the Greater Chicago Industrial Zone, United Republic of North America on Earth.[1]


The building was a high-rise featuring at least 37 floors. On the first floor was a recreation room that where retirees could talk and watch public COM all-news channels. The upper levels apartments are where the retirees would reside. Apartments could be set to automatic. Orderlies were used in the complex. The elevators had voice recognition and the ability to relay information about establishments in the area.[1]


Before her death, it housed Avery Johnson's much loved Aunt Marcille in the 37th floor. After her passing, orderlies removed her from her apartment and Avery Johnson walked to the Dog and Pony.[1]


The name is likely a tribute to Alexander Seropian, former president and CEO of Bungie.

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