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Alexander Seropian

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For other uses, see Alexander. For the in-universe location with the same name, see The Seropian.
Alex Seropian in the ViDoc O Brave New World.

Alexander Seropian was the initial founder, President and CEO of Bungie Studios. Seropian left Bungie in 2004 and, along with other ex-Bungie employees, went on to create Wideload Games, another game company.

Wideload's first project is Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel Without a Pulse", a bizarre 3D-Action-adventure, where the player takes control of the zombie Stubbs. Rebel Without a Pulse features black humor, innovative gameplay and an exciting story line. It uses a heavily modified version of the Halo-game engine. It was published in fall 2005 for Macintosh, Windows-PCs, and Xbox.


  • Gnop! - Programmer, Artist
  • Operation: Desert Storm - Programmer, Publisher
  • Marathon - Music & Sounds, Scenario Design, Damage & Spin
  • Halo: Combat Evolved - Executive Producer
  • Halo 2 - Special Thanks


In the Halo universe, a building called The Seropian is a reference to Alex.

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