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United Republic of North America

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United Republic North America
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The United Republic of North America (abbreviated URNA[1]) is a loose association between the nations of Canada, Mexico, and the political remnants of the former United States of America. It is located on the continent of North America on the human homeworld of Earth.[2]



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URNA formed[edit]

By the 26th-century, Washington state had ceased to exist as a political entity.[3] However, the Commonwealth of Kentucky had been absorbed into the URNA.[2] Around the early 2540s, New Phoenix was the fourth most populated city, behind Chicago in third, Los Angeles in second, and New York City in first.[4]

Covenant Invasion[edit]

Main articles: Battle of Cleveland and URNA Southwest Campaign

At least one engagement of the Human-Covenant War, the Battle of Cleveland, was fought in North America; during the battle, many citizens of the metropolitan city attempted to flee north in boats from the invading Covenant forces to Canada. While the city suffered minimal damage from hostile and friendly fire, many citizens were killed by the genocidal Covenant. During the battle, the UNSC established a relief camp in the nearby city of Akron.[5] During the final stages of the Battle of Earth, Covenant forces retreated to North America while the Prophet of Truth fled to Installation 00, with at least one Jiralhanae expedition deploying to Arizona to locate and activate a Forerunner artifact. This effort was foiled by elements of the UNSC Home Fleet.

The New Phoenix Incident[edit]

In July 24, 2557, the city of New Phoenix was attacked by the Forerunner known as the Didact. Using a device called the Composer, the Didact extracted the mental patterns of over 7 million people.[4] MCPO John-117 stopped him using a HAVOK nuke, destroying the Composer and the Didact's flagship,[6] although some of the consciousnesses of the composed New Phoenix residents were transferred back to Requiem and converted into new Promethean Knights.[7]


The URNA features deserts and tundra. It is as well verdant.[2]



The URNA is home to the UNSC's Supreme Headquarters and is home to numerous facilities and military bases. This is mostly due to it's historic association to the United Nations.[2]

Known residents[edit]


URNA territory is playable on the map Foundation in Halo 2.

New Phoenix, URNA is the primary setting for Operation D: Adamantine Shield in Halo: Spartan Strike.


  • The seventh issue of Halo: Escalation shows a map of the URNA which displays the borders of the provinces and states, suggesting they continue to exist in some capacity in the 26th century. Strangely, the province of Quebec is colored differently from the rest of the republic. However, given that the province is the same color as the depicted water bodies, while Hudson Bay is colored like a landmass, this is almost certainly the result of a coloring error rather than an attempt to depict Quebec as being separate from the URNA. Additionally, part of northeastern Mexico is also depicted as a water body. This is also presumed to be an error, as the entire Texan landmass that borders northeastern Mexico is colored as land rather than water. Mid-26th century depictions of North America seen in Halo 2 and Halo 4 prove that the continent still holds a similar shape to its 21st century appearance, with Hudson Bay, Quebec, and northeastern Mexico still intact.
  • In i love bees Rani Sobeck makes direct reference to the Fifth Amendment, implying that the United States Constitution is still the foundation for law in 26th-century America (though it is possible that the term "plead the Fifth" simply remains in the American lexicon as a figure of speech). This is further supported by the continued existence of the IRS.[9]
  • The URNA is similar to the proposed North American Union.


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