New Phoenix ONI facility

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New Phoenix ONI facility
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Facility information


New Phoenix, Arizona, United Republic of North America, Earth


Office of Naval Intelligence base

Historical information

In use:

2557: Skirmish in New Phoenix

Controlled by:

Office of Naval Intelligence


This research facility is maintained by the Office of Naval Intelligence, and is located in New Phoenix, URNA on Earth.


During the Battle of Earth in 2552, the Conduit was originally intended to be brought to this facility to be studied. However, the Forerunner device was seemingly destroyed, along with New Mombasa, when Solemn Penance entered slipstream space over the city.[1]

In 2557, the facility was attacked by Jul 'Mdama's reformed Covenant and his Promethean allies, after the Conduit was used on Installation 03 to open Forerunner slipspace portals throughout the Milky Way. One of these portals was opened in the facility, and 'Mdama's forces used the portal to launch an invasion upon the city. Eventually, an ONI research team, with the help of a Spartan-IV Headhunter, managed to insert the Conduit into a Forerunner artifact they had been studying in order to close the portals and halt the assault.[2]

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