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This article is about the campaign level. For the Halo 3: ODST Firefight map, see Last Exit.


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Gamma Halo

Last Exit
Last Exit HSS.png


Halo: Spartan Strike


Unidentified Spartan-IV


October 20, 2552(Actual events)
December 2557(Simulation)


New Mombasa, Kenya, Earth


Get the Conduit out of New Mombasa

Spartan Strike scores

HSA Star Gold.png115,000 • HSA Star Silver.png75,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png30,000

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Last Exit is the sixth mission of Halo: Spartan Strike and the last of Operation A: Orphic Spear. A Spartan-IV must take a Forerunner artifact called the Conduit out of New Mombasa before the Covenant take it back once again.

Finishing this level with the Blind and Thunderstorm skulls active unlocks the Vidmaster Challenge A achievement.


A secret ONI facility in New Phoenix is preparing to receive the Conduit. Transport it through enemy-occupied territory and out of New Mombasa


The Spartan-IV stands outside of a building. Sangheili, Unggoy and Kig-Yar arrive in an attempt to retake the Conduit.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "This is it Spartan. We need to get the Conduit as far away from the Covenant as possible."
  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "A Pelican is headed for a landing zone to the north. Get there to extract!"
  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "UNSC forces near you have a Warthog. Take it to your extraction point!"

⚠ Reconvene with neaby UNSC

The Spartan-IV reaches a barricade after fighting through the Covenant forces. An ODST and an engineer stand next to the barricade. More ODSTs exchange fire with Covenant troops on the rooftops.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Covenant incomming! Hold them off while we override this barricade's security system."

⚠ Stop the Covenant assault

Several Unggoy Minors and Ultras begin their attack. A Covenant drop pod lands in the street with more Unggoy. Two Sangheili Minors join the assault. Ultimately all Covenant in the area are defeated and the barricade is lowered.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Good work, Spartan. Take the Warthog and get the Conduit out of New Mombasa!"

⚠ Get into the Warthog

The Spartan moves ahead and jumps into the Warthog. A second barricade lowers and the Spartan begins driving.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "The Pelican is looking good to extract you from an LZ to the north."

⚠ Reach the extraction zone

The Spartan drives right through several groups of Unggoy. Many ODST groups in the lower levels are pinned down by Covenant fire. The Spartan eventually reaches a courtyard where a Spirit dropship is deploying more Unggoy and a Shade turret has also being set up.

After driving through the area, the Spartan finds a gap in the highway wall and reaches the LZ. A wrecked Pelican dropship lays on the highway with the survivors from the crash firing upon the Unggoy.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Bad news, Spartan. Your ride took a few rounds comming in."
  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "The crash destroyed the main road out of the city. You'll have to find another way to evacuate."

⚠ Get around the wreackage

The Spartan leaves the crash site and heads back into the city. More Unggoy, another Shade turret and a Wraith tank attempt to block the path but none succed.

The Spartan heads back enters the park nearby. Two ODSTs guard the entrance. On the rooftop above a Spartan-II fire a rocket into a Banshee, shoots it down and then hops into a Hornet as it takes off.

⚠ Escape New Mombasa

Over a dozen Covenant troops are roaming the area. A Spirit dropship deploys more Covenant and the Spartan cuts through them.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "When it does, New Mombasa will be leveled. Get out of the city. Move!"

Upon reaching the other side of the park, the Spartan is met by more ODSTs behind the crash site. The Spartan takes their Warthog and begins driving away from the city.

The highway is swarmed by suicide Unggoys and Ultras. Several Wraiths attempt to stop the Spartan's Warthog.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Hurry Spartan! It's about to jump to slipspace! GO!"

A strong noise is heard as the highway gets completely covered in white mist. Screen fades to black.


Level ends

Assault Ops[edit]

Assault Op 1[edit]

Kill 8 Grunt Ultras with the Warthog machine gun

Assault Op 2[edit]

Kill 15 Jackals with a Battle Rifle

Assault Op 3[edit]

Kill 20 Elite Minors with a Battle Rifle


  • The unidentified Spartan-II who shoots down a Banshee is one of several unexplained Spartan-II appearances throughout the game.
  • This level shares it's name with the Halo 3: ODST Firefight map Last Exit.