Unidentified Spartan-IV

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Unidentified Spartan-IV
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This unidentified Spartan-IV was a Spartan aboard the UNSC Infinity.


Sometime after December 2557 in the Infinity Briefing room, Roland explained to this spartan that the Office of Naval Intelligence cleared them to access a highly classified simulation of operations during the battles of Mombasa, Installation 03 and New Phoenix.[1][2] The Spartan then completed all the simulations at an exceptional level. This led Roland to update them with a classified update on the simulations they completed.[1]

At a later date, Roland gave this Spartan another operation to study, that linked back to the previous simulations.[1]

Production notes[edit]

This Spartan-IV serves as the protagonist for Halo: Spartan Strike, replacing Alpha-Five, a Headhunter, another ODST squad and another Headhunter in their respective missions.[2] The Spartan-IV wears an orange coloration of the War Master variant of the MJOLNIR GEN2 armor.


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