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SPARTAN-IV program
HSFM Spartans.jpg


  • 2550 (experiental phase) [1]
  • 2552-ongoing (current phase)


Spartan Operations


Special operations


300-500+ [2]

  • First class: 145
  • Second class: 145+
"You are Spartans now. You stand side by side with your Spartan brothers and sisters. You march into battle together--you do not charge ahead. You do not grab glory for yourself. Spartans don't have rank because Spartan is your rank. You are naturally superior. We have made you better. You are Spartans now. Start acting like it."

The SPARTAN-IV program is the fourth iteration of the SPARTAN supersoldier projects. Like the original ORION Project, the SPARTAN-IV program utilizes consenting adult volunteers selected from the other branches of the United Nations Space Command, in contrast to the previous two programs which used children as candidates.[4] Recruits are drawn from both career military veterans and young soldiers who show considerable promise.[5]

The physical augmentations of the Spartan-IV supersoldiers are significantly less extensive than those of the two preceding programs, although their standard-issue GEN2 Mjolnir armor is more technologically advanced, and designed to compensate for this drawback.[6][6][7] The Spartan-IVs serve in Spartan Operations, an independent branch of the UNSC Armed Forces created for the oversight of their operations.[8]


Some of the first Spartan-IVs aboard Infinity.
(l-r) Davis, Thomas, Palmer, Scruggs, and Holst.

The SPARTAN-IV program has its roots in 2550, when ONI began to experiment with adding limited enhancements to select groups of special operators.[1] At some point prior to the instatement of the current SPARTAN-IV program in 2552, elements within the Office of Naval Intelligence's Section III authorized a prototypical phase without approval from High Command. This incarnation was intended to produce supersoldiers whose physical prowess rendered MJOLNIR armor redundant. However, only one of the ten volunteer test subjects survived the augmentation process. The survivor, Ilsa Zane, was driven mad by the experience and was folded into ONI. Despite the project's failure, Zane was considered the original Spartan-IV.[9]

The program as it now exists was commissioned as a result of the success of the preceding SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III projects. The SPARTAN-IV project was conceived by Lieutenant Commander Musa-096, a former Spartan-II candidate who was crippled by the augmentation process. Despite his grudge toward Dr. Catherine Halsey, Musa recognized the crucial role of the Spartans in defending humanity and the continued importance of the supersoldiers in the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War.[10] The proposal was approved by Admiral Margaret Parangosky, then-Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence, and the new program was initiated under her orders. Parangosky initially planned to have SPARTAN-III lead Colonel James Ackerson heading the program, with SPARTAN-II project lead Dr. Catherine Halsey to be reassigned as Ackerson's subordinate.[11] Ackerson was killed following the Battle of Mare Erythraeum and Halsey was arrested after returning from Onyx, though ONI continued the program without the two,[12] headed by Musa-096 and Jun-A266, a former SPARTAN-III Alpha Company member.[10]

The first class of Spartan-IVs, consisting of 145 members, went active on January 7, 2553.[13] Due to the success of the initial group, Commander Musa-096 was able to secure funding for a second class. Initiated in 2554, the second class was considerably larger than the first one due to the increased funding and was able to draw from a wider pool of candidates.[14]

Facilities and organization[edit]

The SPARTAN-IV program is headquartered at a dedicated facility on Mars. Their augmentation procedures are conducted at the same facility.[15] The compound is able to augment around a dozen or two Spartans at any given time.[16] Their training is primarily conducted in a top-secret space station orbiting an unidentified dwarf planet.[17]

Hundreds of Spartan-IVs are assigned to UNSC Infinity, the most powerful warship ever constructed by mankind.[12] The frigate UNSC Meriwether Lewis also has its own Spartan contingent.[18] Spartan-IVs train with one another in simulations known as "War Games" on Infinity's state-of-the art combat deck (a training chamber that is capable of replicating environments), in order to constantly stay battle-ready.[19] Spartan-IVs also train in multiple different forms of martial arts outside of the War Games simulator.[20] As per STO 11.6, Spartan daily training must include at least two hours of military occupational specialty training, and two hours of physical conditioning and augmentation monitoring. [21] Select Spartan-IIs have participated in the training of the Spartan-IVs.[22]

The Spartan-IVs serve in a dedicated branch of the UNSC known as Spartan Operations or "Spartans", whereas their forebears operated within other chains of command,[8] although some Spartan-IVs serve in more covert roles within ONI.[13] In addition to the significant numbers of adult volunteers which make up the majority of the Spartan-IVs, the Spartan-IIIs who survived the Human-Covenant War were offered to be integrated with the Spartan-IVs in the new Spartan branch.[23] Many of the remaining Spartan-IIIs were folded in with the Spartan-IVs in the new branch, while others resigned to noncombat roles.[24]


Unlike their predecessors, the Spartan-IVs are identified by their surnames rather than numeric tags (due to their volunteered enlistment rather than conscription). The Spartan-IVs have shown a great deal of solidarity, especially impressive given the short time they have served together. Many of them have adopted colloquialisms first used by the Spartan-IIs, such as "Alpha Bravo" for "Alien Bastard". Psychologists assert that this camaraderie and cohesiveness will help distinguish the Spartan-IVs, and the Spartan branch as a whole, from the other UNSC branches.[5]

List of SPARTAN-IV units and personnel known[edit]

Unit Status Personnel Notes
UNSC Infinity Spartan command Active
Gypsy Company Active At least two Spartan-IVs[26] Also contains UNSC Marine Corps personnel.[26]
Mountain Squad KIA A science attache unit; killed during the Requiem campaign after being shot down in Two Giants.[27]
Alpha-Nine Active Original ODST squad disbanded in 2554 and reinstated as a Spartan team in 2558.
Fireteam Apex Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Apollo Active[29] Participated in Operation: SHELL GAME
Fireteam Avalanche Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[30]
Fireteam Bailey Active Participated in the Battle of Ealen IV
Fireteam Castle KIA Killed in action after being shot down during the Requiem campaign[32]
Fireteam Crimson Active Five Spartan-IVs Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Colossus Active unknown Participated in the initial ambush in the Raid on Oth Lodon
Fireteam Dagger Active Four Spartan-IVs unknown
Fireteam Domino Active Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Eagle Active Five Spartan-IVs unknown
Fireteam Fenrir Active unknown Participated in the initial ambush in the Raid on Oth Lodon
Fireteam Forest Active Aided Crimson in acquiring replace power supply for the Harvester[33]
Fireteam Horse Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Ivy Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Jackknife Disbanded Participated in the Battle of Ealen IV; betrayed by Vladimir Scruggs, and Naiya Ray transferred to Fireteam Majestic
Fireteam Kodiak Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[34]
Fireteam Lancer Active Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Majestic Active[28] Participated in the Requiem campaign, the Ambush at Oth Lodon, the Mission to Ven III, and the Battle of Aktis IV
Fireteam Osiris Active Participated in the battles of Kamchatka, Meridian, Nuusra, Sunaion, and Genesis. Were sent to retrieve John-117 and the rest of Blue Team after they were declared AWOL in 2558.
Fireteam Rhino Active Four Spartan-IVs Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Shadow Active Participated in the Battle of Requiem and it's campaign months after[28]
Fireteam Stingray Unknown Participated in Operation: OCEAN RAPTOR at a location "redacted" by the Office of Naval Intelligence.[18]
Fireteam Sword Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Switchback Active Captured during a mission to destroy a Harvester during the Requiem campaign[36] Later rescued by Fireteam Crimson and Fireteam Lancer.[37]
Fireteam Sydney Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Talon Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Taurus Active Four Spartan-IVs unknown
Fireteam Tower Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]
Fireteam Venom Active Five Spartan-IVs unknown
Fireteam Wolf Active unknown Participated in the Requiem campaign[28]


Ten Spartan-IV candidates were discharged from the prototypical phase of the program after being crippled or killed by the augmentations.[9]

  • Ilsa Zane - Discharged after her augmentations left her mentally unstable and assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence; subsequently escaped and defected to the New Colonial Alliance.[9]


Fireteam Majestic sporting variations of MJOLNIR [GEN2] armor.

MJOLNIR armor[edit]

Main article: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN2)

Spartan-IVs are equipped with the MJOLNIR [GEN2], the second-generation version of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[19] Because of the Spartan-IVs' less extensive biological augmentations, the GEN2 armor boosts its wearer's reactions, speed, and strength to a greater degree than the first-generation Mjolnir.[6]

An assortment of armor configurations are available for all new Spartans per UNSC Regulation 3A-950, and Spartans are capable of customizing their individual armor set with modular components from a wide range of special-purpose variants, based on their personal preferences, specialization and mission requirements. Selecting variants for purely cosmetic reasons is discouraged. It is strictly forbidden for Spartans to attempt to repair or modify their armor; all armor maintenance is only to be performed by qualified Class-61 technicians in dedicated facilities.[38] Unlike the generally green coloration of the Spartan-IIs' Mjolnir armor, Spartan-IV armor comes in a profusion of distinct color patterns, with the members of specific teams often sporting a consistent coloration.[39] However, any customization of the armor color must be in accordance to UNSC Equipment Code 20.00.62.[38]

The standard-issue armor set for Spartan-IV (at least those assigned to UNSC Infinity) is the Recruit variant,[40] colored gray and gold.[41][39] Spartan-IVs also have access to more specialized equipment depending on their missions, example being the Infinity Actual Kit, and Forerunner Hybrid Kit.

Augmentation procedures[edit]

Main article: SPARTAN-IV Augmentation Program

Like the augmentations performed for the Spartan-IIs and the improved procedures utilized in the subsequent SPARTAN-III program, the Spartan-IVs undergo a series of procedures to enhance their physical capabilities and to wear Mjolnir powered armor.[8] The technology used in the two preceding SPARTAN programs necessitated that the candidates meet exceedingly strict genetic qualifications as well as the application of the enhancements on preteens, to avoid the catastrophic failure rates produced by the augmentation of adult subjects in the ORION Project.[42] By the time of the initiation of the SPARTAN-IV program, the technology had advanced to the point that adults could be augmented without major risk,[43] although the improvements to the subject's strength and speed are not as extensive as in the previous two programs.[6][44]


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