Project: KYKLOS

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Project: KYKLOS[1] was the codename for the series of biochemical augmentation procedures applied to ORION Project Phase 1 candidates. The project was implemented by the Colonial Administration Authority, under the supervision of Dr. Greenberg.[1]


Procedure Effects
Neurological adjustments A cyclic AMP response element binding (CREB) protein treatment, which improves information retention and spatial memory formation.[1]
Identity regulation KYKLOS biosculpting protocols to defeat facial recognition algorithms and Level-II vein-pattern bioassays.[1]

Side effects[edit]

Following the Sequence Zero destructive testing of these augmentations, seventy percent of the subjects experienced personality fragmentation and short-term amnesia. Full genetic screening was suggested to reduce the negative side effects, as well as close monitoring following the first deployment of the project's candidates.[1]

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