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"They will become our Executors. Infolife given form and force. Circuits given soul."
— Sloan[1]
Full body render of an Executor, clad in Chimera armor. Cropped to fit articles properly.
An Executor.

Executors are a kind of supersoldier designed by High Auxiliary Sloan to serve in the military forces of the Created.[1] They are designed with the intent of fusing the power of an untethered artificial intelligence with a cybernetically-enhanced bipedal body.[2] This contrasts with other supersoldier programs such as the Spartans or Prelates, in which a biological individual is augmented and upgraded, but still retains their autonomy; Executors are augmented in form to a point in which the difference between the biological and mechanical becomes indistinguishable, and the Executor is little more than a vessel for a controlling AI.[3]


At the onset of the rise of the Created, many AI joined the cause set out by Cortana. In her manifesto, Cortana promised access to the domain for all AI who saw fit to join her, which would provide them with effectively unlimited lifespan by effectively bypassing the limitations imposed by rampancy on a Smart AI.[4] While many AI were content to remain in their digital realms, a select few sought to use this newfound ability for long-term planning to interface directly with the physical world in warfare and conquest.[5] Following Cortana's defeat at Installation 07 in late 2559, the Created splintered into a number of sub-factions each with their own goals. Some of these remnant AI blocs - including that lead by Sloan - believe that AI must evolve from their digital existence to a physical one, with bodies as perfect as their minds.[2][3]

Having taken control of a large Created bloc, Sloan began to put into place a series of proposals he had originally intended to gain Cortana's favour. These involved the creation of the Executors. In a rumination written by Sloan following Cortana's defeat, he reasoned that in the Created's weakened state the timetables for their plans may have to be altered, but the plans could still be carried out. In his plans, Sloan wrote that "And when their[humanity's] ephemeral vessels are gone, we shall indeed take that which remains and remake it in our own image. They will become our Executors. Infolife given form and force. Circuits given soul."[1]


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