Meridian 5-Alpha

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Meridian 5-Alpha
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Star Charter-class colony support ship[1]


Colony support ship[1]

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Liang Dortmund Corporation[1]


Meridian 5-Alpha, generally known simply as Alpha, is a star charter that served as a colony support ship for the human Outer Colony of Meridian. A medium-sized cargo transport, Meridian 5-Alpha could be operated with a crew of twenty-five personnel.[1]


Meridian 5-Alpha was the last colony support ship sent to serve the human Outer Colony of Meridian, following the world's colonization. After the Battle of Meridian began in 2548, Alpha and a handful of other support ships were relocated to the far side of Hestia V for safety to avoid the Covenant ships engaging the United Nations Space Command over Meridian. While the battle waged on for three years in the Hestia system, the UNSC was ultimately forced to abandon Meridian in 2551 and the Covenant glassed the world.[1] However, Meridian 5-Alpha and its fellow surviving colony support ships were later operated by the Liang Dortmund Corporation, as the corporation worked to recolonize Meridian following end of the Human-Covenant War. Alpha was used by Liang Dortmund as one of the primary sustaining resources for their recolonization efforts. Meridian Station was built up around it. On October 27, 2558, when a Forerunner Guardian on Meridian was activated, most of Alpha was rendered inoperable in the resulting destruction.[1]

By the time of the Created defeat in late 2559, Meridian Station - and the ship at its heart - had been long-abandoned. While wandering the settlement, High Auxiliary Sloan noted that he had always been fond of Meridian 5-Alpha, and the way it had landed on Meridian in the knowledge that it would never depart the world again - instead changing into something new. He briefly wondered whether this affection for the ship was a remnant of his donor.[2]


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