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Johanson Sloan
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Senior Vice President, Chalybs Defense Solutions


Veta Lopis: "Sladwal... the spy? I thought he was dead."
Arlo Casille: "He is--more or less."
— The President of the Gao Republic and Veta Lopis discuss Sloan, the AI administrator of Meridian.[1]

Johanson Sloan was the senior vice president of Chalybs Defense Solutions and an insurrectionist spy.[1]


Johanson Sloan was known to the public as senior vice president of Chalybs Defense Solutions on Meridian. In this role, he was in charge of order fulfillment for the company. Secretly, Sloan went by another name: Jonas Sladwal. It was this name by which he was known to the United Nations Space Command and the Insurrection, which he aided by leaking Colonial Administration Authority convoy routes and schedules. This went on for decades. What the UNSC never knew about Sladwal could fill archives. Jonas Sladwal's status as a spy was legendary, but Chalybs never knew that he was in fact their own vice president. When Meridian came under attack from the Covenant, Sloan was critically injured. He survived long enough for Chalybs to decide that the company could not afford to lose him, so his brain patterns were scanned into a Riemann matrix. The process was finishing in 2551 just as the Covenant finally began to glass the moon. Johanson Sloan died, but his legacy lived on in the "smart" AI that was created from his brain, an AI that took the name of Sloan after his donor. This Sloan became the administrator and then governor of Meridian following its acquisition by the Liang-Dortmund Corporation after the war. The real identity of Jonas Sladwal is still a closely guarded secret known to very few.[1]

Upon later returning to Meridian after the defeat of the Created uprising in late 2559, Sloan - now High Auxiliary of the Created - briefly considered his donor when assessing the abandoned state of Meridian Station. While surveying the town, he recalled his fondness for Meridian 5-Alpha, the Star Charter-class colony support ship that had been permanently grounded to form the core of the settlement, and wondered whether his affection for the vessel was a leftover remnant of Johanson's own personality.[2]


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