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Governor is a political position held by a human in a human government. A governor is an appointed or elected official who holds executive jurisdiction over a planet, one or more of its states, territories, or districts.[1] A governor is a position in the Unified Earth Government and the United Rebel Front.[2]

A UEG planetary governor outranked a UNSC Armed Forces officer with an O-5 pay grade. However, UNSC Fleet Command could overrule the governor's decision if such actions is decided necessary.[3] Planetary governors were not intended to know about a Planetary Security Intelligence, an AI that helped conduct defense operations and evacuations.[4] A vote of no confidence could be initiated against the governor if a colony's inhabitants did not believe the world's governor was fit for service.[5] In the event that a planetary governor did not act in a way that ensured the safety of a planet's residents, section two, paragraph eight of the internal security amendment of the UNSC Colonial Charter could be enacted to strip a colonial governor of title and privilege. This protocol gave control of the planet to the highest-ranked UNSC officer on the colony.[6] The Governor of Harvest employed their own secretary and headed the parliament that governed the planet.[7]

Nils Thune was the last planetary governor of the agriculture world Harvest,[1] before it was glassed by the Covenant. An unnamed governor held power in the region of Castra on Madrigal.[8] The United Rebel Front's governors controlled rebel military bases and worlds. The title of governor was likely not formally recognized by the Unified Earth Government. Robert Watts was the governor of the URF base at Eridanus Secundus, before he was captured by SPARTAN-II Blue Team.[2] After his arrest, Jacob Jiles became the governor of the base, until the Covenant destroyed the asteroid in September of 2552.[9] In the post-war era, the smart AI Sloan served as the democratically elected governor of the corporate-run mining colony of Meridian Station. Sloan is the first known AI to act in such a capacity.[10] The city of Suraka on Carrow was led by a governor, who served as the head of state. The governor was an elected civilian, assisted with a vice-governor. Kait Adelie, Ellis Gass, and Lamar Edwards have served as governors of Suraka following Carrow's resettlement in the post-Covenant War period.[11]

Presumably, the leader of a group such as the Governors of Contrition would also be known as "governor".

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