Parliament of Harvest

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The Parliament of Harvest was a legislative assembly on Harvest which served as the human colony's main local governing authority. The 24 members that constituted the body assembled at the Harvest Parliament Building in Utgard.[1]


It took Parliament years of negotiations requiring unanimous approval of all members to fund, organize, and maintain a Colonial Militia.[2]

When the Covenant attacked Harvest in February 2525, the planet's citizens were grew outraged with the incumbent Governor of Harvest, Nils Thune, due to his offices' unwillingness to inform the public on the emerging alien threat. The Parliament sided with its constituency, threatening a vote of no confidence if the governor did not reveal more about the Covenant.[3] With the attack on Harvest and the mass migration to Utgard, Governor Thune ordered two militia squads to protect Parliament if the embattled populace intended to stage riots.[4]

Harvest's parliament was likely dissolved following the colony's mass evacuation and eventual glassing by the Covenant.[5]

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