Nils Thune

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Nils Thune
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Earth, (Minnesota, URNA)



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Red (graying)

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Parliament of Harvest




Governor Nils Thune was the jolly and enthusiastically optimistic Governor of Harvest until the planet's fall in 2525.[1]


Thune was born in Minnesota and raised as a Lutheran. As a young boy, he was part of the colonization of Harvest. As Governor, he later kept a holo-still of Utgard in the early days of colonization in his office. As a child, he was tall, yet already overweight.[2]

By 2524, he had risen to the position of Governor of Harvest, with Rol Pedersen was his Attorney General. He had the misfortune of serving his planet during both the Insurrection and later the first contact with the Covenant. To provide security against rebels, he approved the formation of a Harvest branch of the Colonial Militia. He was later furious to discover that the detachment he had approved was actually meant to be a covert counter-insurgency unit.

He later presided over the disastrous first contact with the Covenant. Ignoring the near-inevitable future hostilities between the human colonists and the Covenant emissaries, blindly hoping for a peaceful and prosperous relationship with the Covenant, he was nearly killed during a meeting with Jiralhanae representatives of the Covenant. His foolishness eventually resulted in Jilan al-Cygni being forced to remove him from power by paralyzing him with TTR rounds.

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