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Rol Pedersen
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February 11, 2525





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Parliament of Harvest


Attorney General


Rol Pedersen was the Attorney General of the Parliament of Harvest.[1]


Pedersen was the one who accepted the Colonial Administration Authority's statement that Harvest must create its own colonial militia. Pedersen met with two militia trainers, Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson and Captain Ponder, at Harvest's Solstice Celebration on January 16, 2525.[2] Governor Nils Thune later asked Pedersen to get Johnson a dancing partner. While escorting him to his partner, Pedersen explained the incident that happened with the mass driver, and Mack and Sif. Eventually, Pedersen brought Johnson to his partner, Jilan al-Cygni, and departed.[3]

A month later, Pedersen was one of the individuals that attended the attempted peace meeting with the Covenant soldiers. He was killed after being shot in the chest with a Type-25 Spiker by Vorenus during humanity's first contact organized with the Jiralhanae. Pedersen was shot because he was the closest to the Jiralhanae when an Unggoy named Yull attacked a member of Harvest's militia before Maccabeus had ordered them to.[4]

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