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February 23, 2525

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Vorenus was a Jiralhanae in the Covenant military. He was a part of Chieftain Maccabeus' pack which operated the cruiser Rapid Conversion.[1] Vorenus was taller and was more muscular than Maccabeus, and was possibly a close friend to the Chieftain, second only to Tartarus, the Chieftain's nephew. He wore blue-colored armor.[2]


Military career[edit]

Vorenus was a part of Maccabeus' pack and served on the Covenant cruiser Rapid Conversion. Vorenus and Licinus often served as Maccabeus' personal bodyguards.[3]

After recovering the deacon Dadab and Huragok Lighter Than Some, the crew of the Rapid Conversion discovered the human agricultural colony of Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system. Maccabeus assessment of the planet with the ships Luminary showed thousands of relics, but the devout Chieftain was soon shocked to learn that Dadab believed that there was an oracle located on the planet. After a violent encounter with the Kig-Yar, the humans on Harvest sent the ship's crew a message, detailing that humans want peace and wish to give the aliens a peace offering.[4]

Battle of Harvest[edit]

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Vorenus was one of the first official representatives of the Covenant to meet with the humans. Vorenus accompanied Maccabeus and Licinus to Harvest's surface in an attempt to create a peace treaty with the humans. The negotiations failed when the Unggoy Yull, lead by Tartarus, grew nervous, broke rank and made an early attack on a group of militia recruits and killed Osmo.[5] In the confusion, Vorenus proceeded to kill Attorney General Rol Pedersen and then fell back to a Dextro Xur-pattern Spirit with the others where Vorenus and Maccabeus treated Licinus' injuries.[6]

Vorenus later accompanied Tartarus to scout of Harvest's orbiting platform Tiara. The two Jiralhanae remained at the station briefly, long enough to be sure that it was devoid of human life. They left Dadab in charge of sixty Unggoy on the station to protect it from human soldiers.[7]

During the battle, Vorenus participated in the siege on Gladsheim. During the engagement, he manned the guns on a Spirit, while Calid piloted it, to destroy buildings and to kill civilians in the town. He released a group of Yanme'e from the Spirit to rain havoc on the town.[8] When Maccabeus was injured when he was hit by Sergeant Avery Johnson's M12 LRV Warthog, Vorenus had fitted the Chieftain with a magnetic splint.[9] When Vorenus, Calid, the remaining Yanme'e, and the injured Maccabeus returned to the cruiser, they discovered that the Yanme'e that did not participate in the engagement were attempting to kill Lighter Than Some for "stealing" their engineering responsibilities. The Yanme'e from Gladsheim quickly joined in on the attack. Vorenus and Tartarus attempted to defend the Huragok from the enraged Yanme'e and were eventually able to subdue them.[10] Later, a mortally wounded Ponder used a false Oracle to lure Rapid Conversion into the sights of the colony's mass driver. A Spirit dropped off four newly-created Barukaza Workshop Choppers—two of which were driven by Tartarus and Vorenus—inside the Utgard Mall at Ponder's location. The Jiralhanae approached Ponder and the dying captain handed them a holo-pad.[11] With the aliens distracted, AI Loki fired the mass driver at Rapid Conversion. Angered, Tartarus promptly killed Ponder. The ship was disabled after two rounds and crashed in Utgard. Tartarus ordered Vorenus to lead the other two Jiralhanae to Harvest's mass driver to disable it, while Tartarus returned to the Spirit dropship to return to the Tiara.[12]


Later, Vorenus arrived at the Harvest reactor complex and attacked Staff Sergeant Nolan Byrne and twenty volunteers from Second Platoon on his Barukaza Workshop Chopper.[13] Vorenus chased after Byrne as he retreated inside the complex with several militiamen. The Jiralhanae rammed Vallen with his Chopper, shredding him to bits, and chased the humans inside the complex towards Loki's data center. He killed Habel and Jepsen with a Spiker, but Byrne had managed to trap him on one side of a door. Using spike grenades and sheer strength, Vorenus forcefully opened the door and grabbed Byrne. Vorenus broke the sergeant's nose and cheekbone, while the militia forces surrounded the two. Stisen ordered the militia to ceasefire to avoid shooting Byrne, while Vorenus used him as a hostage. Several JOTUNs found their way to the battle taking place, startling Vorenus, who then released his grip on Byrne. The Colonial Militia took this chance to take him down, riddling him with bullets.[14]


Vorenus' name may have been taken from that of Lucius Vorenus, a Centurion in the 11th Legion, mentioned by Julius Caesar's personal writings.

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