Type-2 spike grenade

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This article is about the Jiralhanae grenade. For the similarly named Jiralhanae gun, see Type-25 Spiker.
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Type-2 spike grenade
Brute Spike Grenade.jpg
Production overview


Sacred Promissory[1]


Anti-personnel, fragmentation grenade



93.3 centimetres (36.7 in)[1]


1.93 kilograms (4.25 pounds)[2]


Shrapnel and a pyrophoric sulfur-nitrate/potassium compound (shaped charge)[1]

Blast Range:

  • Killing radius: 3 metres (9.8 ft)[1]
  • Casualty radius: 11 metres (36 ft)[1]
Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Great Schism

"When you decide to throw one of these things make sure to tell everyone around you, ‘cause they are dangerous all the way there."
— UNSC serviceman

The Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation Grenade (T-2 AFG),[2] more commonly known as the Spike Grenade, is a Jiralhanae-manufactured grenade.[2]

Design details[edit]

The Spike Grenade is one of two grenade types designed and used by Jiralhanae forces in the Covenant military. Unlike the more common Plasma Grenade, which adheres only to living targets using a layer of plasma, the Spike Grenade uses numerous razor-like blades to secure itself to whatever it hits, whether a wall or moving target. After collision, the grenade detonates, sending a cluster of super-heated metal spikes flying at a perpendicular trajectory to the surface the grenade has stuck to. These spikes will ricochet off of hard surfaces, making the grenade a deadly weapon against enemies in confined spaces. The focused direction of the spikes, however, renders the grenade slightly less effective in open areas, as targets must be standing directly in the way of the blast to be hit. The mechanism by which the explosion of the Type-2 is directed is similar to that of the M383C Linear Shaped Charge Demolition Kit.

It has been observed that Spike Grenades are able to stick onto other grenades that have been thrown. This usually carries the two grenades in either direction, depending on which was thrown last.


The Spike Grenade is similar in look to the Model 24 Stielhandgranate grenade used in the 20th century. However, it derives its namesake from the notable spikes present on the grenade (four curved spikes on top and twelve smaller ones around the shaft) as well as the shrapnel it expels.

Gameplay tactics[edit]

This grenade is very effective in suppressing enemy movement in closed environments. Unwary combatants can be mowed down easily by a hail of spikes. The grenade can also be used against vehicles, surprisingly doing more damage than plasma grenade and frag grenade.

  • Although this grenade cannot stick Brute Chieftains and War Chieftains, the player can kill them with it by sticking their weapon, sticking the wall right next to them, or throwing it so it lands between their legs on the ground like a frag grenade.
  • The grenade is extremely useful when thrown at corners where the damage inflicted would be toward the facing walls. The spikes ejected will reflect off of walls on a shallow angle and will be focused if thrown into a corner.
  • Because it is the largest grenade, it is the easiest to detonate by shooting.
  • Although the radius of the spike grenade is limited, the area in the radius is deadly. A spike grenade is more damaging to vehicles than a plasma grenade. It is able to destroy a Scorpion in four sticks, and it can stick to almost anything, unlike the plasma grenade, which can only stick to vehicles or living things. Spike grenades are also lethal if thrown inside a bubble shield, since the shield will deflect the spikes so that they shower all over anyone inside it. if one sticks the shield generator itself, it will destroy the shield and damage anyone inside it, leaving them vulnerable to another grenade or gunfire.
  • The grenade can be used against jumping targets, just throw it directly under the jumping target and the power of the grenade`s spikes should kill the target.

UNSC remarks[edit]

  • “It’s like a table leg with machetes bolted to it. Who the hell makes a weapon like that? Did those guys actually get up into space on their own?”
  • “The casing is constructed of an unusual porous metallic compound. Shrapnel from the Spike Grenade reaches a temperature of approximately 270 to 315ºC, around 530ºF, and retains that heat for upwards of seven seconds, by design.”
  • “It’s not as heavy as it looks, but it’s still like trying to throw a softball bat.”
  • “Those things ain’t made to wound anyone – to make you use up time and resources treating casualties. They were designed to make you die screaming.”


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  • The Spike Grenade and the Type-1 plasma grenade never spawn together on the same map by default. The only maps a Spike Grenade spawns on by default are Epitaph, High Ground, Isolation, and Last Resort.
  • If one looks closely, one can see that there are spikes on the end of the grenade, where it "sticks" to walls or opponents. It is easy to see how these would allow the grenade to stick to flesh, but it is unknown how it sticks to harder substances such as walls, MJOLNIR armor, Brute power armor, etc. It is possible that the spikes contract inward as if to "grab" what they are stuck to, or that the sheer force of the throw (as the only throwers of the weapon are Brutes, Elites and Spartan super-soldiers, all known for their impressive strength) imbeds them deep enough to allow them to stick.
  • Chronologically, this grenade was first seen on Harvest when Byrne was chased into the control room of Harvest's AI Mack.
  • The Halo 3 Official Guide incorrectly claims that Spike Grenades will stick to Bubble Shields and Jackal Shields. It does not do this. Instead, it rebounds much faster than thrown. The reason that the grenades don't stick on plasma shielding is because they don't have any bulk to grab.
  • Spike Grenades (like Plasma Grenades) will not stick to a Brute Chieftain's armor.
  • This grenade shares the Grenade Stick Medal with the Plasma Grenade.
  • Explosive Jumping using a Spike grenade does not work unless the player is invincible, as the player will die instantly. This is due to the grenade's spike properties (rather than an over-pressure wave produced by the other grenades) and its small but deadly blast radius.
  • Direct physical damage from the impact of an inactive Spike Grenade might be considered quite high considering the size of the weapon and the length of the spikes. It is possible that one could use the grenade as a melee weapon, functioning as a spiked club or mace. This probability is not confirmed in-game or elsewhere in canon, but more than physically possible (and, considering the psychology of the Brutes, probable).
  • The Spike Grenade made an appearance in the video Halo: Landfall, as a Marine grabs a Spike Grenade stuck to a nearby wall and hurls it into the air, destroying a Type-26 Banshee. A Brute Chieftain also throws one at T. Rymann. The grenade appears to be a lot larger than the ones appearing in Halo 3, though this just could be a matter of perspective from an seven foot tall Spartan compared with average-sized humans. In length, a Spike Grenade is as long as a Spartan's upper body (approximately a meter in length, as referenced in the UNSC user remarks, mentioning using one to be like "throwing a softball bat")
  • Like all other grenades featured in Halo 3 Campaign, a Spike Grenade will detonate if it is shot by the BR55HB battle rifle, Type-51 carbine,M6G magnum, or Sniper Rifle. In Multiplayer, only active grenades will detonate like this.
  • If you look closely at the border mines in Sandtrap in Theatre Mode, you will see that they are Spike Grenades without a rod on the back and the spikes. However, they have the same detonation sound as a Frag Grenade.
  • The grenade makes a distinctive hissing noise as it is thrown, and a "thunk" upon impact. It also features a flashing light on its narrower end.


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