Pool of Radiance

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Pool of Radiance
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Production overview


Venezian multi-species workshops[1]

Model series:



Light Anti-Armor Weapon



114.5 centimeters (45.1 in)[2]


20.6 centimeters (8.1 in)[2]


48.5 centimeters (19.1 in)[2]


18.7 kilograms (41 lb)[2]

Ammunition type:

Fuel rods[2]

Feed system:

5 round magazine[1][2]



Rate of fire:

60 RPM (semi-automatic)[3]

Muzzle velocity:

50.68 m/s (166.3 ft/s; 113.4 mph)[3]

Effective range:

Medium to long

  • 24.38 m (80.00 ft) (unscoped)[3]
  • 53.89 m (176.80 ft) (scoped)[3]
Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


"Both the Swords of Sanghelios and Covenant use once-forbidden armaments in their bloody civil war. Advanced Fuel Rod Cannon that fires unstable projectiles that leave a dangerous residue in their impact area."
— In-game description[4]

The Pool of Radiance is a special variant of the Type-58 Light Anti-Armor Weapon.[5]


Design details[edit]

The Pool of Radiance is a named variant of the T-58 LAAW, which fires unstable fuel rods that leave behind dangerous residue in their impact area and have proximity airburst fuses. Its chassis is exactly identical to that of the normal T-58 LAAW, except that the main housing is now colored crimson red with white and beige stripes and Covenant glyphs decorating the weapon, particularly at the front, bottom, top middle, and top rear stock.[4]

Service history[edit]

Both the Swords of Sanghelios and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction continue to use once-forbidden armaments, including the Pool of Radiance, in the Blooding Years.[4]

In October 2558, the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team found a copy of the weapon sitting on top of a rocky ledge in an area on Genesis that they passed through on their way to Cortana.[6] The weapon was later added to the UNSC Infinity's War Games simulations for use by Spartan-IVs.[5]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Pool of Radiance is a special weapon that can be found in the campaign mission Reunion.

Available as an Ultra Rare Level 5 REQ worth 150 REQ Points when sold, the Pool of Radiance operates exactly identically to a normal Fuel Rod Cannon, except that its projectiles are armed with a proximity airburst fuse. More importantly, the Pool of Radiance does more damage as its projectiles explode three times upon impact instead of once, making this weapon deadly against slow-moving targets (e.g. Warden Eternals) and anyone who lingers in the fuel rods' explosion area in a radius of up to 4.05 m (13.29 ft). Its explosions are larger, at 7.1 m (23.3 ft). In addition, the weapon can carry up to 20 fuel rods at once (5 active + 15 reserve). These improvements make the Pool of Radiance the most powerful of the three Fuel Rod Cannon variants.

However, to balance out the effects of its improvements, the weapon now has a 40% lower rate of fire. In addition, the player must be careful to not use the weapon in close range, as they can be either severely harmed or killed by the explosions. This is especially important in the campaign mission Reunion, as the Pool of Radiance, like with other Fuel Rod Cannons, can still kill a campaign player character and make them unrevivable until their next respawn.

In Warzone, many Legendary Elite bosses use the Pool of Radiance, including Elite Primes and Ranger Commanders.

Changes from the Type-58 Light Anti-Armor Weapon[edit]

  • Fuel rods explode twice after the initial explosion, for a total of three explosions.
    • Overall damage is increased, but it is divided by each explosion.
  • Proximity airburst fuse added to the fuel rods.
  • Larger blast radius by 2.1 m (6.9 ft).
  • 40% lower rate of fire.
  • Maximum fuel rod count increased to 20 (5 ready + 15 reserve).



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