Volatile Skewer

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Volatile Skewer
A transparent crop of the Volatile Skewer in-game model. Courtesy of User:BaconShelf.
Production overview


Flaktura workshop
Forge of Teash[1]


Anti-tank launcher[2]



174 centimeters (68.7 in)[1]

Ammunition type:

Armor-piercing explosive harpoon ammunition[3][4]

Feed system:

Muzzle-loaded harpoon[5]

Rate of fire:



3× to 5× smart-link[4]

Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts[4]

Skewer refitted to fire an explosive spike that detonates on impact.[3]

The Volatile Skewer is a modified variant of the Flaktura Workshop Skewer.[2][3]


Design details[edit]

Main article: Flaktura Workshop Skewer

The Volatile Skewer is a modified variant of the standard Flaktura Workshop Skewer. Instead of the standard grey coloration, chassis is painted white with pigments from the chalk fields of Warial.[5] It fires an explosive harpoon that detonates upon impact.[3]


One such weapon was a farewell gift from Chieftain Avitus to Ik'novus before the latter was assigned to the Bloodstars in the Banished.[5] Ik'novus was in possession of the weapon during the campaign on Installation 07 in 2559-2560,[6] up until his death at the hands of John-117.[7]

In-game information[edit]

In campaign, the Volatile Skewer is a legendary weapon awarded to the player after defeating the High Value Target, Ik'novus. The weapon can be acquired at any Forward Operating Base within the campaign. It fires an explosive spike that detonates on impact,[2][3] albeit with a reduced effective range than its standard counterpart.[5] While the spike will detonate immediately upon impaling enemies or vehicles, if the projectile impacts a benign surface, it will have a delayed explosion. The Volatile Skewer retains the standard variant's two levels of magnification at 3× and 5×.[4]


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