Light of Urs

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Light of Urs
Halo 5 Fuelrod lou.png
Production overview


Venezian multi-species workshops[1]

Model series:



Light Anti-Armor Weapon



114.5 centimeters (45.1 in)[2]


20.6 centimeters (8.1 in)[2]


48.5 centimeters (19.1 in)[2]


18.7 kilograms (41 lb)[2]

Ammunition type:

Fuel rods[2]

Feed system:

5 round magazine[1][2]



Rate of fire:

180 RPM (semi-automatic)[3]

Muzzle velocity:

76.25 m/s (250.2 ft/s; 274.5 km/h)[3]

Effective range:

Medium to long

  • 24.38 m (80.00 ft) (unscoped)[3]
  • 53.89 m (176.80 ft) (scoped)[3]
Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


"The war on Sanghelios has led to unprecedented advances in fuel rod technology. Improved Fuel Rod Cannon that fires faster-moving projectiles that do more damage."
— In-game description[4]

The Light of Urs is a special variant of the Gespu-pattern fuel rod gun.[5]


Design details[edit]

The Light of Urs, deriving its name from the Urs system, is a named variant of the T-58 LAAW, which fires faster-moving fuel rods that can be fired more quickly, can lock on to both ground and air vehicles, and have a larger blast radius. Its chassis is also exactly identical to that of the normal T-58, although it now features white and red stripes painted around the weapon's main housing, as well as red Covenant glyphs at the top part of the weapon. The Blooding Years led to unprecedented advances in fuel rod technology, resulting in new creations like the Light of Urs.[4]

Service history[edit]

In October 2558, Fireteam Osiris and 031 Exuberant Witness found a copy of the weapon next to Kit Pitlimp's corpse and a Covenant data pad housing the last portion of his four-part adventure log in an area on Genesis during their mission to reunite with the SPARTAN-IIs of Blue Team at the Gateway.[6] The weapon was later added to the UNSC Infinity's War Games simulations for use by Spartan-IVs.[5]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Light of Urs is a special weapon that can be found in the campaign mission Genesis.

The Light of Urs is available as a Level 5 Rare REQ granting 100 REQ Points upon being sold. Gameplay-wise, it operates exactly identically to a normal Fuel Rod Cannon except that it fires more quickly, has faster-moving fuel rods with a larger blast radius of 8.60 m (28.22 ft),[3] and can lock on to enemy vehicles. These upgrades enable players with the Light of Urs to more quickly take down their opponents before they get a chance to react. However, to balance out the effects of its improvements, the Light of Urs deals slightly less damage per fuel rod. In addition, the Light of Urs exhibits somewhat weak tracking behavior against vehicles, making Rocket Launchers and Hydra Launchers more viable anti-vehicle choices.[5]

In the campaign mission Genesis, the Light of Urs can be used to take down enemy Promethean Knights and Wraiths, and even the Warden Eternals encountered later in the mission. Unloading at least two full magazines on a Warden will severely damage, if not outright kill him.

Changes from the Type-58 Light Anti-Armor Weapon[edit]

  • Faster rate of fire, up by 80%.
  • Faster projectile velocity, up by 50.45%.
  • Larger blast radius, up by 3.6 m (11.8 ft).
  • Can lock on to both ground and air vehicles.
  • Slightly less damage per hit, although direct hits will still instantly kill a Spartan.



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