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A star and Suban in the Urs system.
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The Urs system,[1] collectively known as the Urs–Fied–Joori system[2][3], and occasionally the Sangheilios system,[4] and designated CE-80-9012 by the Forerunners,[5] is a trinary star system, housing the primary star Urs, and the orbiting stars Fied and Joori.


Planetary system[edit]

Urs is also orbited by a system of several planets, of which the Sangheili homeworld Sanghelios is the fourth.[6] Sanghelios is located on the innermost edge of the Urs system's habitable zone.[7] The system was also home to an unidentified moon which provided the materials needed for Vostu-pattern carbine-compatible ammunition.[8]

Name Image Description Orbiting locations
Sanghelios (Urs IV) H5G-Sanghelios.png Homeworld of the Sangheili


Post-Great Purification[edit]

In pre-Covenant Sangheili mythology, Urs was the ruling chief deity in the pantheon of ancient Sangheili gods. As the largest and most sacred sun in Sanghelios' sky, the god-star Urs was associated with light and fire. He is also the divine father of the demigod hero Kel 'Darsam, whom he transformed into pure light in the ending of the hero's famous ballad. The Sangheili also believed the dark god Fied roamed the dark Hall of Eternity with a lantern lit by lord Urs' very own flame.[9] After adopting the Forerunners as their new gods, many old Sangheili myths faded away but were never forgotten.[10] Even well after the Covenant ended, "Until we meet again in Urs' everlasting light" was still a traditional way to say goodbye.[11]


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