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Kel 'Darsam
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First Light of Sanghelios


Kel 'Darsam was a beloved demigod warrior-hero from ancient Sangheili mythology. He is the central character in the Ballad of Kel 'Darsam, a famous narrative poem widely known and sung to Sangheili children.[1]


According to legend, Kel 'Darsam was born to a mortal mother and the god-star Urs, the lord of all other Sangheili gods. Mentored by his uncle Orok 'Darsam, Kel became a warrior renowned for his bravery and cunning. He famously sailed the mysterious seas of Sanghelios, slaying semi-mythical terrors like the Sand Dwellers of Il'ik, the many-mouthed Watcher of the Lonely Harbor, and the nine serpents of Dur'at'dur. Because he was so keen on ridding the seas of monstrous creatures, Kel had little interest in becoming kaidon, and so he gladly left the position to his uncle.[1]

During one of many enemy assaults on 'Darsam's familial keep, his uncle was captured by the powerful sea lord and rival kaidon, Nesh 'Radoon. In response, Kel dutifully invoked the "right of release" and set off to liberate Orok. Without a navy of his own, Kel sailed alone to infiltrate 'Radoon's keep in the cover of night. After scaling the walls of the keep and slaying his rival's best swordsmen, Kel and Orok raced to make their escape. As Kel prepared to dive off the keep's wall to safety, he was mortally wounded when a spear struck him in the back. As he fell to his death toward the waves below, Kel was touched by the rising light of his divine father and was then transformed into pure light.

As two versions of the ballad exist, modern Sangheili are unsure who threw the spear that struck Kel down. One version claims that Nesh 'Radoon himself is responsible for throwing the spear. In the other account, Kel is said to have been betrayed by his own uncle. This telling holds that the entire capture was an elaborate ruse designed by Orok, who was fearful that Kel would one day decide to claim his title of kaidon.[2]

Although many old Sangheili myths faded away after the rise of the Covenant and its religion, the hero Kel 'Darsam was not forgotten and the Sangheili continued to sing his ballad to their offspring, also teaching them that the Sangheili word kel meant "light (that dances on the waves)."[2] The Covenant's mobile capital city of High Charity possessed a large starship-sized airlock called the Eye of Kel that allowed ships access to the interior of the holy city.[3]

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