Right of release

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"I invoke my right, as Scion of this keep, to free my kaidon from his imprisonment and take revenge upon his captors!"
— Tul 'Juran, invoking a right of release[1]

A right of release is a proclamation declared by Sangheili to establish intent to rescue prisoners of war. Among Sangheili society, capture and imprisonment is a far greater humiliation than death, as it denied a noble death in battle. When a kaidon was captured, it was common for his captors to chose to imprison him for the rest of his life rather than execute him to bring shame and dishonor to the kaidon and his kin. However, if a member of the imprisoned Sangheili's bloodline invoked a right of release, the individual would then attempt to rescue their relatives.[1]

Rights of release were popular among Sangheili mythology. The ballad of Kel 'Darsam centered around warrior Kel 'Darsam invoking a right of release to rescue his captured uncle, Kaidon Orok 'Darsam. However, in the end of the tale, Kel is either killed by rival Nesh 'Radoon or betrayed and killed by his own uncle. In 2553, following the capture of her father and elder brothers at the hands of Prelate Tem'Bhetek, Tul 'Juran invoked a right of release, becoming one of the first female Sangheili to ever do so.[1]

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