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Tulum 'Juranai
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Blademaster Tulum 'Juranai was a Sangheili swordsman and kaidon of the largest settlement on Rahnelo, a Sangheili frontier colony.[1]


As the kaidon of the largest settlement on Rahnelo, Tulum 'Juranai fathered over four sons and one daughter, Tul 'Juran. During the Human-Covenant War, like much of Rahnelo's male population, most of 'Juranai's sons were conscripted into the Covenant military. By the war's end, all but three of 'Juranai's sons had died in the conflict. Tul served as the scion of 'Juranai's keep and captain of his guard.[1]

In 2553, Rahnelo was attacked by CRS-class light cruiser Spear of Light, commanded by Prelate Tem'Bhetek. As the Prelate led Jiralhanae forces on a ground assault on Rahnelo's settlements, 'Juranai led his two eldest sons and several of his keep's guards in battle against the Prelate while his youngest son and Tul remained behind to direct defenses.[1] During 'Juranai's charge, he and his sons were abducted by the Prelate and brought aboard Spear of Light, which promptly departed the planet. The Sangheili captives were taken to the Prelate's base of operations at a Forerunner installation which was the location of a prototypical Halo. The Prelate met with Boru'a'Neem, the former Covenant's Minister of Preparation, who decided to test the Halo on the Sangheili. The Prelate had his Jiralhanae slash the Sangheili's tendons to bring them to their knees and bound them to prevent them from moving, and the three were brought into the installation's test chamber. However, 'Juranai refused to fall to his knees until the Jiralhanae smashed his knees with their fists. As the minister and Prelate powered up the Halo, 'Juranai led his sons in singing a Sangheili melody, refusing to show weakness to the San'Shyuum and Jiralhanae. Once the Halo was powered, the superweapon was fired upon the Sangheili and they were vaporized, much to the pleasure of the minister.[2]

Meanwhile, in his absence, 'Juranai's youngest son became kaidon. The Swords of Sanghelios arrived at Rahnelo three days after its attack in response to the planet's distress signal, and Tul invoked a right of release and successfully requested to join Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum's crew to rescue her father and brothers.[1] Upon learning of her family's fate, Tul aided the Swords of Sanghelios in stopping the Prelate and minister, and destroyed the installation.[3]

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