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Minister of Preparation
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Minister of Preparation[1]


Boru'a'Neem, the Minister of Preparation, was a San'Shyuum politician of the Covenant and the last Minister of the Covenant's Ministry of Preparation.


Covenant political career[edit]

Tem'Bhetek: "My family. Can they be saved?"
Minister of Preparation: "The Sacred Promissory is lost! Nothing lives inside the city now except the Flood! They're gone, Prelate! There is nothing you can do! Help me escape this place, and I swear, we will make the Sangheili pay for what they've done!"
— The Minister of Preparation lies to Tem'Bhetek to convince the Prelate to help him escape[2]
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Revenge against the Sangheili[edit]

"Bring the Half-Jaw and his ship to me. And I promise: we will make the Sangheili pay for everything they have done."
— The Minister of Preparation, to Prelate Tem'Bhetek[3]

Upon arriving at the installation, the Minister had painstakingly trained the Yanme'e aboard Spear of Light in their tasks to serve as caretakers for the Halo.[1] Afterwards, Tem traveled to the Sangheili frontier colony of Rahnelo and attacked the planet. During the battle, Tem captured Kaidon Tulum 'Juranai and his two eldest sons and brought them aboard Spear of Light.[4] Bringing the captured Sangheili back to the installation, the Prelate witnessed the Minister test the Halo on the prisoners. After the test proved successful, the Minister had Tem move to capture 'Vadum and Shadow of Intent.[1]

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Tem'Bhetek: "You took my family from me."
Minister of Preparation: "You never would have had a family if not for me! I have listened to you endlessly mourn those two small deaths, but you have no idea how much value was lost!"
— Tem'Bhetek and the Minister of Preparation, after the Minister reveals that he had lied to the Prelate[5]
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Personality and traits[edit]

Boru'a'Neem believed that the High Prophet of Truth had done and said many unfortunate things over the course of his political career, though agreed with Truth that the Jiralhanae were incredibly loyal to the San'Shyuum and were effective warriors. He was also somewhat sadistic, smiling with satisfaction after vaporizing three Sangheili with the prototype Halo. Boru'a'Neem believed that most San'Shyuum, himself included, and the Sangheili did not truly understand each other's cultures.[1]

Boru'a'Neem wore dark orange robes. He had a high, thin voice and spoke with the precision of a practiced politician.[1]

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