Attack on Rahnelo

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Ambush at Duraan

Attack on Rahnelo


Sangheili-Jiralhanae war






Tem'Behtek and his Jiralhanae achieve victory


Tem'Bhetek's faction

House of Juran


Tulum 'Juranai

  • Multiple Jiralhanae casualties
  • Heavy Sangheili casualties
  • Civilian's slaughtered

The Attack on Rahnelo was an engagement on the defenseless Sangheili colony of Rahnelo in the months following the end of the Covenant.[1] In order to set a trap for Rtas 'Vadum and the Shadow of Intent, the prelate, Tem'Bhetek, working under the direction of the former Minister of Preparation, indiscriminately attacked the colony, killing many and taking the kaidon and two of his sons hostage. [1]


Main articles: Fall of High Charity, Great Schism

In October 2552, a massive civil war known as the Great Schism broke out in and around the Covenant capital space station High Charity. The Covenant loyalist forces of the Prophet of Truth and his Jiralhanae clashed with the separatist, predominantly-Sangheili forces, following the forced removal of the Sangheili as military leaders of the Covenant. The initial battle was a surprise attack led by the prelates and Jiralhanae, and was initially going in the loyalists' favour. However, the arrival of the Flood aboard High Charity caused pandemonium, with the Sangheili ships led by Shadow of Intent declaring a quarantine, with all ships attempting to leave the sector being shot down. The Shadow of Intent moved to glass the space station to try and stop the Flood, firing into the heart of the Golden City inside.[1]

During the battle, the prelate Tem'Bhetek commanded a Zanar-pattern light cruiser Spear of Light, and moved back to High Charity to try and save his family. Instead, he was met by Boru'a'Neem - the Minister of Preparation. the Minister told Tem'Bhetek that his family was dead, and that the Flood now controlled the city. The two then departed High Charity, joining a large flotilla of San'Shyuum refugees evacuating the station. Following their escape, the two split off from the larger flotilla and headed for a secret installation known to Boru'a'Neem. There, the two hatched a plan to capture Shadow of Intent and use it against the Sangheili.[1]


At some point in late 2553, Spear of Light launched an attack on the Sangheili colony world Rahnelo, headed by the House of Juran. The attack started with Spear of Light bombing the port and bastion compounds of the settlement, before deploying two companies of Jiralhanae warriors. The brutes swarmed the streets and killed all Sangheili who tried to fight back, massacring the population. Scion Tul 'Juran led an attack on the brutes from the 'Juran keep to save those she could, but eventually had to retreat behind the keep's gates. Kaidon Tulum 'Juranai ordered the Scion onto the walls of the keep to direct the defenders, while he and the two oldest sons of the family charged the brutes in an attempt to kill the prelate leader. Unfortunately for them, the prelate moved too quickly and retreated back to his cruiser, departing the planet.[1]


During the chaos, Tem'Bhetek was able to capture the kaidon and his sons, later bringing them to the Minister of Preparation for use as test subjects for their prototype Halo - resulting in their deaths. Three days following the attack, Swords of Sanghelios carrier Shadow of Intent arrived at Rahnelo and deployed a ground team led by Rtas 'Vadum and Vul 'Soran to investigate. They found many bodies, Jiralhanae and Sangheili, before coming across Tul 'Juran and her younger brother. The Scion requested the right of release to go and rescue or avenge her family, and joined the crew of the CAS-class assault carrier for their expedition to Duraan.[1]

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