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Skirmish on Pious Inquisitor





Around May 14, 2553July 6, 2553


Gao, Cordoba system




Forerunner constructs


Intrepid Eye

  • Hundreds of Marines
  • Murtag Nelson
  • All Sentinels
  • Intrepid Eye captured

"The bloody battle on the colony of Gao was an object lesson for the UNSC about the risks of dealing with independent colonies that harbored hatred towards the UEG."
Curator on the battle[1]

Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE[2] was an operation conducted by the UNSC in 2553 on the colony of Gao in order to retrieve Forerunner technology.[3]


In 2553, the UNSC's 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion, escorted by the Spartans of Blue Team, arrived on the planet Gao to investigate a transmission believed to have originated from a Forerunner ancilla on the planet. Following the transmission, there had also been reports of miraculous cures found inside the planet's vast Montero Cave System. The research battalion's arrival was followed by several brutal murders of Gao natives in the caverns, prompting the Gao Ministry of Protection to dispatch Special Inspector Veta Lopis and her field team to investigate. However, the situation escalated into an all-out crisis when Insurrectionist sympathizers within Gao's government, headed by would-be president Arlo Casille, decided to eliminate the UNSC forces and take control of the ancilla. They allied themselves with the militant cult Keepers of the One Freedom and smuggled them on Gao, seeking to use the Keepers as a proxy force through which to accomplish their goals without attacking the UNSC directly.[3]

The UNSC presence in the village of Wendosa included the 717th's Charlie Company, comprising of 150 heavy infantry marines armed with heavy machine guns, missile pods, nonlinear lasers and rocket and grenade launchers. The sole road into the village was blockaded by two M12 Warthogs armed with M41 anti-aircraft guns and the area surrounding the village was mined and trapped, with a series of motion sensors strung up around the perimeter, turning the village into a veritable fortress.[4]

The Operation[edit]

Blue team was tasked with escorting the GMoP investigation teams to the crime scenes by Major Ira Halal, where they started collecting evidence and deployed Spiders. Veta Lopis initially suspected Fred and the other Spartan-IIs due to the nature of the brutal murders. While the team was investigating crime scene charlie, Major Halal went to document another body found at Bivouac Site Tango under Wendosa. Fred and Lopis later returned back to the Montero Vitality Center on the surface. Meanwhile, Intrepid eye and the Huragok Roams Alone came across a scouting party of marines and the ancilla had to kill Private Hayes by electrocution as he had spotted her, he managed to get a few shots on intrepid and the huragok, resulting in Roams Alone losing his buoyant gases, when Major Halal came to investigate, he was dragged for a little distance by the ancilla then killed when she got his tacpad containing a fragment of Wendell, with whom she conversed and inquired about the status of Wuatera Thresis, and learned that it had been glassed by the Pious Inquisitor.

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Keepers of the One Freedom


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